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Can people with bipolar disorder use antidepressants?

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Can people with bipolar disorder use antidepressants?

Many people know about depression. People who fall into depression often lose confidence in themselves, in life, and in the future, fall into despair, and even think of committing suicide. This kind of extreme pain, despair and numbness, there may be few people except me. can experience. As people learn more about depression, more people with depression are able to deal with depression in a positive way, able to see a doctor, be willing to take medication, and think of seeking psychotherapy. But sometimes we find that some people with depression don't seem to have such good luck, the specter of depression always accompanies, and whether it is hospitalization or outpatient medication, the effect is not very good. At this time, we should be vigilant if we are suffering from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder that refers to both manic and depressive episodes. The clinical manifestations can be divided into depressive episodes, manic episodes or mixed episodes according to the characteristics of the episodes. So, can people with bipolar disorder use antidepressants during treatment? In clinical practice, many patients with bipolar disorder have long-term depression and use of antidepressants before they are correctly identified, and have also achieved good symptom and functional outcomes. In short, different treatments should be considered at different clinical stages, but after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, drugs with mood-stabilizing properties should be the cornerstone of treatment. Particular caution should be exercised in the use of antidepressants in patients with bipolar disorder, especially those with a previous manic episode; in addition, if the patient is only transiently depressed, or appears to be agitated, declaring himself to be depressive-anxious At this time, the use of antidepressants is very dangerous, and it is easy to induce phase conversion, and clinical attention must be paid. The harm of bipolar affective disorder The harm of bipolar affective disorder is more serious, because the disease tends to have an early onset. Many people have the disease when they are in their teens. Many people have the first disease in the form of mania. It was the first episode of depression in the form of depression. Then, if this disease is not treated actively, it will recur, and the risk of suicide will be very high whenever depression occurs; but because more people develop the disease in the form of relatively hidden hypomania and depression, so It is easy to be treated as depression, but the drugs for depression cannot control bipolar affective disorder well, so there will be repeated attacks, repeated visits to the doctor, and repeated hospitalizations. Some people have also found that bipolar disorder is a "smart disease", because more "white bone spirits" (white-collar-backbone-elite) suffer from this disease, because when people are in a hypomanic state, people tend to have extreme Great energy, ideas and creativity, execution, and these are the elements of professional success, so there will be a considerable proportion of people in the elite professional population of our society with this disease.

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