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Do you consciously take the initiative to wash the dishes?

Time:2022-12-03 14:14:03 author:Leisure vacation Read:872次
Do you consciously take the initiative to wash the dishes?

#打卡好生活# First of all, I want to be honest with everyone, my daughter-in-law is someone who doesn’t like to wash dishes, I can tolerate this, why? Because I don't like to wash the dishes either. Thinking about the good times one moment ago, the next moment, I have to face the mess of cups and plates, the leftovers, and touch the greasy dishes with my own hands. It's very painful. Don't do it to others. If I don't brush, this painful life will fall on my daughter-in-law. Do you think I love her? Do you have the heart to make her feel this pain? As the saying goes, if I don't go to hell, whoever goes to hell, I will bear all the pain! I did all the dishwashing work, and I willingly did it. So in my house there are very few disputes over washing dishes. Think about how many families have fought and broken up because of the problem of washing the dishes. The editor calls on everyone to be considerate and respectful of each other in everything, and be a person who is willing to wash the dishes. I like to wash the dishes, but the willingness to wash the dishes is really a manifestation of a person's high moral character. I am willing to bear the pain, take responsibility, be compassionate, have the idea of ​​empathy, and be able to think for others; from small to large , This kind of person is not afraid of difficulties and dares to challenge them. Just like Sun Shaoping in the ordinary world, he never gives in despite suffering. Instead, he has a very optimistic spirit! Of course I am not boasting! In my family, I always rush to do the dishes. When I was young, my parents did the dishes. When I went to primary school, my sister started to do the dishes. As I grew up, doing the dishes became something I could do. , Since then, not arrogant or impetuous, the family style is cultivated. Not only that, we go to a friend's house as a guest, or have dinner at home. When we are full, we can't purse our mouths and shake our sleeves and leave. Everyone gets up and consciously cleans the dishes and the battlefield. This is also very polite. reflect! The above is the editor's perception of being willing to wash the dishes. I hope everyone can have the courage to wash the dishes, consciously wash the dishes, and take the initiative to wash the dishes, rather than whoever cooks does not wash the dishes!

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