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How to calculate your worth?

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How to calculate your worth?

#打卡好生活# Everyone knows that worth is an intangible thing, you can't see it or touch it, but how to turn the intangible into the tangible? I come to think of a simple way for you, please read below! If you want to know your worth, you have to know how much money you make in a day. Your worth is equal to how much value you can create in a day! Value can be measured in money. If the money earned on this day is the interest of the bank, then the principal is your own worth. Taking Xiaobian as an example, I can earn 100 yuan a day. Today, October 2nd, Yu Libao's 7-day annualized interest rate is 2.66%, which means that for 10,000 yuan, the interest per day is 0.729 yuan. So if the interest is 100 yuan a day, how much is the principal? According to this formula, it is 1.37 million. In this way, the editor's worth is 1.37 million, which is still a lot! If the editor encounters misfortune one day, then my friend can apply for compensation to the insurance company according to 1.37 million! What do you think of my calculation formula? Leave a message in the comment section!

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