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How to sit to prevent prostatitis

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How to sit to prevent prostatitis

What kind of sitting posture can prevent prostatitis? The prostate is a very important organ for men. It is related to the reproduction and excretion of the human body. If you get this disease, it can be said to be miserable. Xiaobian also got this disease due to bad habits in daily life. After active treatment by Xiaobian, he recovered for a period of time, but due to work needs, he had to sit and work often, which led to the recurrence of prostatitis, so he got prostatitis. Men usually have to pay attention to their sitting posture, so what kind of sitting posture is good? I checked the methods to prevent prostatitis and share with you. Methods When a person sits normally, the center of gravity naturally falls on the position of the prostate gland. After sitting for a long time, the prostate gland will inevitably bear the pressure of body weight, which will inevitably cause the enlarged prostate to expand to the urethra and compress the urethra, causing discomfort. Blood in the urine due to ruptured capillaries. Therefore, patients with prostatitis should consciously shift the center of gravity to the left buttocks or the right buttocks (the left and right buttocks can be properly rotated). Or use a sitting position with legs spread apart, so that the gravity is offset to two or two, and it can also reduce the pressure of gravity on the prostate and squeeze the urethra. In addition, try to avoid sitting for a long time in daily life and work. Stand up and move for ten minutes every time you sit for half an hour. People with prostatitis can also use the method of shaking the whole body. Take the knees and hips as the focus point, and shake up and down quickly for 5 minutes. The arms, wrists, palms, genitals, and the whole body all undulate and shake, making the lower body feel warm. After shaking, take a deep breath, which has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dredging meridians and activating collaterals. Patients with dietary prostatitis disease should eat more diuretic foods in their daily life. Common foods are watermelon and grapes. Do not eat spicy, greasy, and irritating food. inflammatory symptoms. Exercise patients with prostatitis should pay attention to more exercise, mainly running, swimming, and playing badminton. These exercises can expand the blood vessels of the whole body, reduce the accumulation of blood flow to the prostate, and reduce the oppression of the prostate on the urethra. In normal life, patients with prostatitis should drink more water. It is recommended to drink no less than 1000 ml of water every day. Drinking water can also flush the urethra, which is conducive to the elimination of inflammatory substances and reduces the stimulation of the prostate. Lifestyle habits Prostatitis patients should also attach great importance to health issues. Patients should quit smoking, drinking, and coloring. They should not browse unhealthy websites at ordinary times. Usually develop a good habit of bathing frequently and changing underwear frequently. I hope the above articles can be helpful to patients with prostatitis. After all, the editor is also a patient and knows the pain of this disease. Hope you all get out of trouble soon.


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