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Daily life of a depressed patient 22: May my anxiety be no more experienced by you

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Daily life of a depressed patient 22: May my anxiety be no more experienced by you

Write romantic stories, but also focus on depression, autism and Asperger's syndrome groups. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching. Author: Bai Yueguang Yes, maybe I'm starting to get anxious again. Although many times I can live peacefully with my emotions and shake hands to make peace, but recently, I have started to deal with old things, and all kinds of unexpected problems in the process of progress have emerged one after another, which made my heart irritate day by day. I thought I had a thick armor after years of hard work, but it turned out that I couldn't deceive my sensitive heart. He should have foreseen his anxiety long ago. From constantly wanting to eat, melon seeds, chocolate, oranges, dates, apples... everything that can be eaten by the eyes, I want to fill my stomach. The habit of not eating dinner for two years has also been broken by me, the habit of not eating snacks before going to bed has also disappeared, and the determination to lose weight as a lifelong career no longer exists... The most serious thing is that I have no interest in chocolate. craving! I have never dared to ask myself whether my heart is suffering or not. Even if the world is difficult, I will face it with a smile. I know that life is not a result, but a process. So in this process, neither bitter nor sweet is important, what is important is the quality of life that has settled down after experiencing the good and the bad. However, recently, I've been craving chocolate, fruit mousse, tiramisu... If it's too bitter, does my heart constantly need sweetness to neutralize it? Also, I keep wanting to buy things. Having become accustomed to a minimalist life, I often have to resist the habit of chopping my hands in order to resist the temptation of Taobao. I know that's not the real me. Or the rebellion of the real me against the rational me. I don't have enough sense of security, so I want to keep filling my stomach, and I want to have all the material things I can have... The last 20 days of public account updates have not been very good. The daily thoughts of depressed patients also stopped changing. Looking back on these 20 days now, it was extremely difficult and extremely tormenting. Many times, I want to stop the update of the official account willfully. But I know better that once you stop, it's really hard to start over. The procrastination of depression patients has always existed, but I know that I can't condone my procrastination, so I constantly restrain myself with plans and responsibilities. I can't stop, and I have to keep going. Yes, you always have to find a motivation to keep going. Maybe it's love, maybe it's responsibility, maybe it's temperament, maybe it's not admitting defeat, maybe it's inertia... No matter what it is, as long as you keep going, don't give up, don't stagnate, you will wear it one day Through the darkness before dawn, see the dawn. Recently, fans of the official account have left a lot. I know I'm not good enough. So thank you for coming and thank you for leaving. Thank you for staying with me through this long winter in my life, and thank you for letting me see my own shortcomings. Flowers bloom and fade, and fate gathers and disperses. After all, it is a lonely journey of a person. Whenever you look back, I'm still there. I will continue on this road of mutual aid for depression. Go on, be the glimmer of hope in the dark night of friends with depression. May my pain never be experienced by you again. May my anxiety be taken away from you. May my happiness be at your fingertips. May my harvest be yours. The depression mutual aid group has been very active recently. Although I was anxious and didn’t want to speak, I was silently watching every news and every movement. Seeing everyone's mutual support, and seeing those unremitting efforts and struggles, I often feel moved. Recently joined an international mutual aid group for depression, a group chat in English, and friends with depression from all over the world. I am constantly learning while listening to what people say about my experiences and feelings. I think, I can be unsuccessful, but I can't give up self-growth and self-healing. There is no way that others can walk for me. There is not a single pain that someone else can bear for me. So, let what should come. Since life is impermanent, pain is just an experience. Because we are born as human beings, because we have coloring, feeling, thinking, action, and consciousness, it is inevitable that we will have emotions and feelings. Therefore, embrace your sadness and anxiety! I believe that one day, we will be able to make peace with our emotions and our own hearts.

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