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From a depressed person to a healer, I just want to be an idealist on the way of growing up as a psychologist

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From a depressed person to a healer, I just want to be an idealist on the way of growing up as a psychologist

  • Write romantic stories and focus on depression, autism, and Asperger's syndrome. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching.
  • Author: Bai Yueguang

The volt line of the dream is so long that it is not measured in months or years, but every ten years. When we were younger, dreams were a luxury for us; now, dreams are a simple thing, and you need to do it with the same simplicity and steadfastness. It's a bit cloudy today. I am very afraid of the cold, so every time I go out, I wrap my coat tightly. Maybe because of the weather, maybe because of the sudden increase in tedious work, maybe because the roses delivered by Flower Month are not beautiful enough, and suddenly I don't want to talk. Recently, I have been thinking about the preparatory work for the landing of a psychological counseling agency, and suddenly found that my three-year psychological counseling certification process has wasted too much time, and I did not sit down and study and refine my experience. Now, in the face of a pair of trusting eyes, to say that there is no pressure, that is self-deception. So, what should I do? An An is a good partner. In the process of discussion, he provided me with a lot of ideas and pointed out a lot of details that need to be paid attention to. Right now, I think my most important task is to study. For the vocational ability test in March and July, although the certificate is not important, the learning process is difficult to obtain. However, the day-to-day work still requires a lot of energy to do well. Someone asked me if I was tired, probably not, I was just worried that I would fail the hardships, tears, and people I met along the way. Starting today, I will analyze Fang Shuren's paintings for two friends every day through WeChat. I know there is still a long way to go to be a good psychologist, but I am not willing to give up because of the difficulty. If you say that there should be at least one time in your life, forget yourself for someone, don't ask for results, don't ask for peers, don't ask for what you have, don't even ask you to love me, just ask to meet in my most beautiful years. Then, in one's life, there should be one thing, not asking for return, not asking for applause, not seeking utilitarianism, only for warmth and dedication, only for achievement and healing, even if you are alone, even if your head is broken. Work hard to get it done. From determining that I want to promote mutual aid for depression as a life-long public welfare undertaking, and from determined to be a warm psychological counselor, I have initially determined a five-year plan for myself. In the past year, I have gained hundreds of friends with depression who trust me. I have participated in many psychological salons on psychoanalysis, cognitive analysis, marriage and emotion, parent-child education, etc. Realized the positioning of its own public account content. In the future, in the future, there should be a more professional public account to replace the current public account, dedicated to mutual aid for depression. And in the end, "watching the long flow of water" will still be my private place to write some thoughts of daily life, to let you know that I am not far away. An An said that I am an idealist. Too many times, although I accept the various imperfections of reality, my thoughts are still too pure. Yes, I know I've always been an idealist. What does it matter? In such a short and long life, one must persevere. The youthful and frivolous innocence has faded away, and I know that the years are in a hurry, but the brilliance of thought shines brightly in the dark years. And once, yes, once. Only now did I realize that my former lover worked so hard to protect my innocence. It is also because of those travelers who have been lost in the years who have carried the burden for me, that I have had a quiet time. Although the wind and rain in half my life came from the person who once protected me, but now, seeing his past efforts, I can finally let go. Romain Rolland said: There is only one heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the truth of life and still loving life. And I, to hold on to such heroism, sing all the way on this road. Are you willing to go together? Starting today, I will do Fang Shuren's painting analysis from Monday to Friday, and I will also record my diagnosis and treatment diary from today. Also starting from today, the reply day is more original. The future is far away, how much time do we have to waste? Tonight is full of wine, please cherish each other after you say goodbye. Drunk laughter accompanies you for three thousand games, and does not complain about leaving.

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