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My Days with Depression (1): Preface

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My Days with Depression (1): Preface

Write romantic stories, but also focus on depression, autism and Asperger's syndrome. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching.

Author: Bai Yueguang

The days I spent with depression were written by many friends in the depression support group. I have been precipitating and precipitating. I hope my writing can be more rational and objective. I hope that in the process of typing, I can see the transformation and growth of myself more deeply. I also hope that through my narration, I can make You firmly believe that depression is not a dead end. I know that you, who are struggling with depression, will suffer, and the pain will be unbearable. But please believe me, believe me who has gone through severe depression, depression is not only pain, but also rebirth. about me. who I am? where am i from? Where am I going? Where is the meaning of life? Have you ever asked yourself these questions while in depression? Yes, every depression can become a philosopher. We often reflect on questions that even philosophers cannot answer. Here, I do not want to repeat these questions, because in the previous texts, I have actually answered them countless times. Today, I have found the answers to these questions, and put down those resumes and labels that can only be written in a few pages, and return to a simple sentence: I am who I am. Whether it is the fireworks of different colors or the unobtrusive back in the crowd, they are just labels you gave me, and those labels mean nothing to me. I am just myself. If you have to give you a self-introduction, then answer it with one of my commonly used words: I am the administrative staff responsible for writing in the office, a former patient with severe depression, a Buddhist disciple, a psychological counselor, who initiated depression Mutual aid for over a year. The long road to depression has come to this day, and I have lost a lot of memory. Whether it is good or sad, there are many years of memory that are blank. It doesn't matter whether this loss is good or bad. I also don't want to be grateful for the people and things that hurt me with the mentality of a virgin bitch. If I must be grateful, I am only grateful to myself who was not killed by myself in the deepest despair. All Jedi rebirths are not because of the Jedi, but because of themselves. All situations and all injuries are essentially just a sign, a sign with two sides. If it is broken, it is rebirth, and if it is broken, it is an abyss. Whether it can be broken is only up to you. Along the way. Let go all the way. Yes, the process of growing up is the process of learning to choose. There is no right or wrong in what to put down and what to embrace, just my own feelings are borne by myself. In the days of depression, I have learned to forget the world. Years are wasted, youth is fleeting. How far the road is, no one knows the answer. Listen to this song with me! Maybe you can understand the sadness and desolation in my heart in the long folk singing, and the me who walks alone after seeing things right and wrong. Lend me ten years, lend me the bravery of the world, borrow my unspoken oath, lend me the loneliness that I have seen for the first time, lend me the fresh life that is not afraid of crushing, lend me the ferocity and recklessness, lend me a ray of light to illuminate tomorrow Lend me the gloomy smiles like spring Lend me to kill the mediocre feelings Lend me the sorrows and cries that I condone I don’t even want to go through depression. I hope you understand as well as I do that all encounters in life have deep meanings. Whether it is encountering hurt, encountering a loved one, or encountering depression. From tomorrow onwards, I will occasionally update my past experiences with depression on weekdays. In the story there is me and you. You come, I will always be here. I hope that one day you will be like me, and use wisdom and forgiveness to glue a broken heart into a broken diamond heart. Then, you can also laugh about the moments that made you cry. All kinds of yesterday have become me today, don't think about it, let alone feel sad. From now on, how to harvest, how to plant. Hope you are safe.

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