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"The man I loved for seven years left me because I was depressed"

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"The man I loved for seven years left me because I was depressed"

Write romantic stories, but also focus on depression, autism and Asperger's syndrome. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching.

Author: Bai Yueguang

It was dark and I suddenly felt sad when I received his call. This sudden sadness overwhelmed me, and I was powerless to resist, powerless to struggle. So, I decided to write these sad stories for you. If you are there, if you want. The story of the planned Li Ge Bistro can only wait until tomorrow. And tomorrow, whether, we, have been separated by the end of the world?

The first sad story

"Because I was diagnosed with depression, he left me. And we have been in love for seven years." This is the first sentence Xiaolan said after adding me to WeChat talk. Maybe she just needs an outlet to talk to. I pondered to myself on the screen. "I know it's my fault, I will cry non-stop, I will cry suddenly when I take the subway, I will cry suddenly when I go to a dinner party with him, I will suddenly cry when I work in the office, and I will suddenly cry when I sit at home for dinner. I have used countless ways to hurt myself, but I still can't do it, and I don't know where I have so much sadness..." Xiao Lan continued. "Moonlight, the you I imagined, at the moment clicked a slender Moore and looked at me sadly at the other end of the screen." I secretly smiled and shook my head, this is a romantic girl, so I imagine the cold white moonlight Into a cynical look. "No, girl, I'm wearing a cheongsam, with long hair, and I just finished a watercolor painting." "Moonlight, I've loved him for seven years, from college to graduate school to work, what about we agreed to get married? Depression? Is it really that scary?" "I went to the Sixth Hospital of Peking University to see a doctor. He knew that what I was most afraid of was the hospital, but he didn't accompany me. I tried so hard to get better for our wedding, but when I returned When I got home, I told him that the diagnosis was moderate depression and anxiety, and he didn't say anything, not even comfort..." "But I never expected that I would go home after work the next day. At that time, everything he had was gone, and I was so frightened." Across the screen, Xiaolan didn't send another message for a long time, and I was a little sad, "Have a glass of water, and cry after drinking it. , such a man is not as worth as a glass of water." "Well, yes, I called him, but my phone was actually blacklisted. I found a good friend in our university, and he asked his friend to tell him. Me, he wouldn't marry a neurotic, his family wouldn't agree. That's it, I never looked for him again. I don't want to." I think you're right. Girl, if he leaves you when you are the saddest, then don't look back. If your feelings come from humble begging, it's better not to.

Second sad story

She left me 6 months after my depression. I couldn't get up, I couldn't work, I couldn't adapt to the crowd. She always complained about me, saying that I was too lazy, that I didn't work hard at all, wasn't it just depression, she was making excuses for her laziness. Then, she left without hesitation. After more than a year of treatment, I finally had a little change. I finally had the strength to pick up my phone and look at the circle of friends. I saw how rich her life in the circle of friends, how bright her smile, and how happy she was when she left me. Someone asked me if I hated her. At first, I hated it. She left me like that when I needed her the most. However, I once loved her so much, how could I bear to hate her? It's just that every time she sends me chicken soup for the soul, she stabs a knife in my heart. Every time she told me that even without me, someone would still be kind to her, and my already numb heart would hurt again. Every time she laughs at me for being self-deprecating and pushing all my failures to depression for not trying my best, I feel so sad that I want to cry. I don't know how long it will take to forget her, I don't know how far I have to climb out of depression, I think I will. Until, at the end, I watched her walk into the wedding with others, until I also met the love of a depressed patient who knew how to cherish it. That day will come. I want to ask heaven where are you I want to ask myself at the beginning I was smart at the end I was smart and smart almost ruined myself I want to ask heaven and earth or superstition and ask fate In the night sky, you don't have to be far-fetched to say that you love me anyway, my soul has faded piece by piece, slowly pieced together slowly pieced together into a completely unreal me

Our story

"Moonlight, you My love is too beautiful, will you go back to find him?" In the depression mutual aid group, my story is almost familiar, and every friend knows what I have experienced over the years. I smiled and shook my head. A love with a split personality has no dignity at all, how can it go back? The moment I let go, I never thought that one day I would look back. We all abide by our respective moral codes, which is very good, and it is not disgraceful that I spent my entire youth and loved him deeply. "After listening to the stories of most of the friends in the group, I think I'm really lucky. After I was depressed, my husband was extremely tolerant of me, knowing that I was insecure, and he agreed to almost every request, so that I could treat me in a down-to-earth way. Safely and steadily grow up with the baby." Yes, I have read many stories of joys and sorrows in the group. Too many people have aggravated depression because of their relationship and family. However, there are always one or two people who will The companionship and perseverance of the lover can slowly recover from depression, instead of hurting. "Yes, my husband's company is the backing for me to treat depression with peace of mind. I feel that without him, I have given up treatment. We made an appointment and we will grow old forever." Seeing these warm replies, my heart is also slow Slow to soften. Holding hands and loving each other till old age is such a romantic thing. If your lover suffers from depression, should you leave him? I don't know how to answer this question. I can only tell you that if it were me, I would definitely accompany him and go all the way. Even if he doesn't love him, he should turn around and leave after he is clinically cured, instead of just turning around and leaving him alone and disappearing into the sea of ​​people. Maybe your love is not a good medicine for him, but sometimes it can be his life-saving straw. Writing here, a phone call came in, and my sadness quietly melted into the night. Wechat end, Wechat end, Wechat end...Honey, if your lover leaves you because of depression, don't think it's the end of the world. He left you just because he wasn't good enough, not your fault. Even if the whole world leaves you, I'm still here. We have to be brave and let everything that wants to kill you make you purer and stronger. Those who are really powerful are not invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, but have acquired the ability to heal themselves after being hurt by countless words. Those who will never give up on themselves are not drinking chicken soup with chicken blood, but they know that hard work with real swords and guns is more effective than chicken blood and chicken soup. Those who don't take heart are not heartless, but they know better what is worth cherishing in their hearts for a lifetime. Late at night. Sadness tonight keeps me from going to sleep. How are you? Don't remember those promises, just leave them to me. May every good child still have an independent and sober personality and a firm and optimistic self after being displaced. I'll take care, and so will you.

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