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The daily life of a depressed patient 27: alcohol into sorrow, turned into tears of love

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The daily life of a depressed patient 27: alcohol into sorrow, turned into tears of love

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  • Author: Bai Yueguang
The wine is so sad that it turns into tears of love. Thinking who? Tonight, across the computer screen, I had a drink with the friends in the depression mutual aid group, and at the same time I talked to the friends in the three groups. Hahaha, the atmosphere in the group was very warm, and it seemed that the severe cold of winter had been eliminated. I am a very cold person. Holding the wine glass, across the screen, I laughed and burst into tears. This morning, I suddenly remembered a lyric, "Love can be pursued, love is hard to come by, and the most important thing is to be as drunk as you." I remembered some very distant past events, the people I loved when I was young, and the people who have been buried in the The wound that I couldn't bear to touch in my heart reminded me of the person who had not returned after waiting for several years. Years later, the rivers and lakes will last forever. When I recall the people who talked together for a long night in the cold winter night, I will always be very grateful. Thinking of the person I once loved deeply for half my life, I haven't touched his eyes for a long time, I haven't touched the temperature of his fingertips for a long time, I don't dare to ask him if he is doing well, I dare not tell him that Tianliang remembers Add clothes, dare not ask the return date. I recently joined a new depression group. In that group, I am not the group owner, but an ordinary member. There are many group members. I often listen to them chatting about happiness or sadness or illness or treatment. A harmonious family. A friend in the group said that he felt very warm when he saw us drinking through the screen. He also poured a glass of red wine on the other side of the screen to join the game, and then fell asleep with the red wine. Reminds me of a description in "A Night Around the Furnace", "Gu bondeng sits right, or he is silent and does not say a word, or hehe speaks inappropriately, all of which are not happy, and will this good night not be in vain?" Every time I read it. When I reach this passage, I can't help but draw a picture in my mind. It is cold outside the house, the snow is in full swing in Xiling, but the fire is burning inside the house, and the wine is fragrant. In the evening around the furnace, there is no distinction between words or differences of knowledge, just because it is rare to get together. It is the daily life of you and me, or just caring for each other silently, laughing without saying a word, it is the warmth that cannot be continued in the world. The world is cold, and it is no longer fun to know that my friends are sitting around together, because I have already enjoyed it. Thinking about it like this, the long winter night, finally lived up to it. When I met a very warm friend, I talked about all kinds of depression, about the past, and about the ups and downs of life. It's amazing the bond between people. In the long winter, I wonder if you will think of a person from afar, want to watch a heavy snow together, chat around the fireplace all night, and say: If the sky wants to snow in the evening, can you drink a cup? At this moment, standing at the window, looking at the gloomy night, the feeling of drinking is slightly cold. How can I live this long and short life in peace? Remember once said, what is the essence of life? It's a pity, it's not complete. What is life? Not the result, but the process. It is precisely because of the shortcomings and imperfections of life that we need to make continuous efforts to make up for the shortcomings in the process of life, to gradually realize the perfect self, and finally understand the wisdom of emptiness and the awakening of life. This is what I think is the essence of being alive. In the end, I hope we can all be our own heroes and still love life after recognizing the truth of life. The night is like water, the wine tastes slightly drunk, and the night dream is auspicious.

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