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Across the ocean to see you, thank you, my depression support group

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Across the ocean to see you, thank you, my depression support group

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  • Author: Bai Yueguang

If anyone knows which song I like best, it is probably the family members of my depression mutual aid group, right? ! I thought I wouldn't cry anymore. It has been a long time, facing endless trials and tribulations, I can no longer express it with tears. However, that day, I still cried. For that meeting, I brewed emotions for many days. As Li Zongsheng sang, for this meeting, I even practiced the breathing during the meeting. I thought I had done enough mental construction. I thought. I thought that the person who brought me half a lifetime of wind and rain would no longer make me sad. However, I overestimated myself. On the way there, it was silent. I drove silently and turned off the radio. The road in the morning is empty and deserted. My car is extremely fast. I think, I still want to see him? Want to know if he's doing well or not, and if he also thinks it's cold this winter. But ah, but, let me hold back tears. Bustling crowd. How I thought it was an ocean that buried all my grief. . In order not to cry out, I sent two WeChat messages at the same time. One for someone I think is warm. Another one for the family members of my depression support group. I soon received a reply from the depression mutual aid group. I think, everyone knows that I'm not very good lately? I toss myself like that, talk like that sadly, it's not me like that. I said in the group, family, I want to listen to Li Zongsheng's "Across the Ocean to See You". Liang Zhigang said to go to Baidu to search for the lyrics. The sound of stumbling and stumbling made my tears flow without hesitation. I parked the car on the side of the road and cried happily. "For your promise, I couldn't bear to cry when I was most desperate..." But, tell me, where is your promise now? I have never expected too much love, but, half a lifetime of wind and rain, I have hidden a past and present life in this half-life wind and rain! Probably, probably, probably only my depression mutual aid group, only the depression mutual aid group where I have devoted countless efforts, and only the family members here know that I have no immunity to Li Zongsheng's songs. At noon on that cold Friday, everyone in the group sang a lot of songs to me, from "Across the Ocean to See You" to "The Price of Love", from "Transfer of Love" to the theme song of the former three... ...I cried the whole way on the way back. I don't know if I would have been able to drive back safely that noon without you making me cry. Great sadness has repeatedly overwhelmed me. But ah, every time I think of your warm encouragement and your unconditional trust, I tell myself time and time again, I can't lose control in front of these family members who need to be taken care of, I can't let everyone have firm confidence because of my recovery, Collapse again. Although I know, I'm just sad. I'm just heartbroken. I gave myself one night to wash away those tears. Then, get back on your feet and start drafting an article for the Depression League. They all said that I was a lonely woman, and only my family members of the depression support group saw my rational sentimentality. And the depression mutual aid that plans to go further, I will spend the rest of my life trying to realize it. Last night, an older sister told me about her upcoming new life. Today, a college student who is about to graduate finally got a clinical cure and took up an internship position; no less than ten people talked to me about their experiences in the cloud; two Fang Shuren paintings who gave up the analysis during lunch break...... There are so many, although today's life is full of exhaustion, but there are also small joys. I am used to hearing everyone say thank you, and every Spring Festival, I receive invitations from friends to visit their cities, but what I want to say is thank you, thank you Liang Zhigang for "Crossing the Ocean to See You", Thank you for healing me with Li Zongsheng, thank you for your trusting eyes, thank you for your willingness to work with me, thank you, in my life. When it comes to mutual aid for depression, I never think that it is just my contribution. People who have never experienced it will not understand what kind of motivation and hope I have gained. If not for you, maybe I'm just a little woman typing words, alone in a corner, maybe have my own happiness and sorrow, but not the harmony and tranquility I have now. A person's heart is the most lively and the most lonely. Some seem to be very close, but they can't catch anything. Some seemingly distant places are within reach. I used to think that I would spend my whole life just being a quiet and subtle person, blooming freely in the corner, silently pleasing to people, never attracting excessively lively attention, maintaining an independent and casual character, and sticking to humility and pride. However, how can I not be moved by the river of mutual help for depression formed by my trickle-down thoughts? Everyone here is a companion I met by chance on a desolate journey. When the crescent moon crescents and the stars are cold, we each walked a long and exhausting road, but we met under the pear trees in the valley. So, cooking wine and tea, playing the qin under the moon, your warmth warmed my fingertips that I haven't played the qin for a long time. For you, I would like to once again find the lost concertina. For your sake, I would like to hit the road again to find the direction that gives you hope. Please wait for me, just wait a moment. I will walk all the way on this road without giving up. Looking forward to, one day, you can tell me, moonlight, now my heart is stable, my love is complete, and the years are quiet. Looking forward, looking forward, under the pear tree in the valley, I will play the qin for you, and you will play the song "Across the Ocean to See You" for me.

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