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About how to find me and my depression support group

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About how to find me and my depression support group

  • Write romantic stories and focus on depression, autism, and Asperger's syndrome. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching.
  • Author: Bai Yueguang

I have been very busy recently. I came up just now and saw many of my friends' private messages and comments after the article. So I plan to reiterate the way to join the depression mutual aid WeChat group. Of course, find me first before joining.

First of all, let me tell you what kind of friends can join

Yes, not everyone will join the group. I will initially screen the members of the group to ensure that friends who really need help enter the group, and friends who bring us the negative impact of depression and mutual help I will refuse to join. After my friends find me, they need to give a brief introduction to my situation, including my approximate age, my current state, whether I have been diagnosed by a hospital, my current treatment plan, etc. There is no need to involve the privacy part, but I need to Doing a basic understanding of each friend's situation is also responsible for our group members, so I hope everyone understands. Of course, I will keep strictly confidential the introduction you state. Secrecy, um, use my personality to guarantee it! (#^.^#) If you believe me. At present, we only welcome friends with depression to join the WeChat mutual aid group, and parents with depression will have an independent parent group.

If you are the following types of friends, our group will refuse you to join.

1. Those who promote so-called special effects medicines, special effect medical devices and so-called treatment institutions and treatment plans. I have met many such friends, and some people have offered me a fee to advertise for him in the group. I reject. Although I'm not rich, I don't do anything that kills people. Yes, false medical advertising is murder. I personally think that there is no specific medicine for depression, and there is no specific treatment plan. The hospitals I have recommended so far have a common feature: public, top three, general or specialized hospitals. At present, there are only two recommended hospitals: Peking University Sixth Hospital and Beijing Huilongguan Hospital. Only one private hospital has been recommended: Hong Kong United Family Hospital. I don't know much about other hospitals, so I never make a rash introduction. These three hospitals are recommended because more than one friend in our group is cured here. If you see my avatar introducing you to other hospitals, then that person must not be me. O(∩_∩)O haha~ 2. Friends who lack trust in me. It's necessary to be vigilant about strangers online, but if you ask for help, we want to be honest with each other. On the first anniversary of mutual aid for depression, I have gained a lot of good friends, and I hope you have the most basic trust in me before you find me. Of course, I won't ask you about personal privacy, nor will it involve property issues. If you encounter my avatar and charge you, then that person must be a liar, not me. Currently I only do charity work. In the future, there will be brick-and-mortar institutions, but not now. O(∩_∩)O haha~3, pure chatting, people who have a purely spectator mentality towards the depression group. We are just a group of ordinary patients, not monkeys, so the group rejects curious and visiting friends. I hope that such friends will find their own fun, instead of hurting us in the group with the mentality of watching monkeys. Lovers will always love them. You may not understand this group, but please maintain a minimum of respect.

About how to find me

In fact, I wrote how to find me at the beginning of each article, but many friends may not see it. So I repeat it here again.
  • Write romantic stories and focus on depression, autism, and Asperger's syndrome. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water and keep watching.
Maybe you will say that I am advertising my official account, which is indeed suspected of advertising, but the official account is also a medium for me to do mutual aid for depression. There are two reasons why I don't directly publish my private WeChat account: First, I used to be troubled and harassed by various netizens. I'm just an ordinary little woman, an unreliable psychologist, I have a life and work outside of my mutual assistance, so I hope everyone understands, don't add me to chatting. The second is to do a screening through the official account. If you are not sincerely seeking help, you may give up because of some detours. Well, that's about it. If you want to know the basics of the depression mutual aid group, the origin of the group is introduced in the top article of my headline today. After a year of hard work, I have made many friends, and I have also grown up myself. A dozen of our group members have been able to return to society. The basic situation is like this, I hope you come, and I hope you are well.

(责任编辑:Prevent anxiety)

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