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Two or three things about mutual aid for depression (2): Tonight’s wine is warm, Li’s singing is half, and I hope you will cherish it

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Two or three things about mutual aid for depression (2): Tonight’s wine is warm, Li’s singing is half, and I hope you will cherish it

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  • Author: Bai Yueguang

In the thirty-first episode of "Dream of Red Mansions", "Tear the fan to make a daughter, smile because the unicorn folds the white-headed double star", Daiyu said, "When people get together, they leave. When they get together, they are happy. When they leave, how can they not be cold? If they are cold, they will feel sad, so it is better not to get together. For example, when the flowers bloom, people adore them, but when they thank you, they will feel melancholy. It's better if you don't open." Therefore, everyone in the world said that Daiyu is not happy to gather. However, I don't think it's accurate enough. Lin Daiyu is not happy to be separated, but afraid of separation. She was afraid of going away and didn't like getting together. Afraid to get together because of the fear of being scattered. As I am today. It snowed heavily last night. The sky is white this morning. I got up very early in the morning, and on the white snow, I was the only one left. Suddenly feel lonely. Suddenly, I miss people who are far away. I have always, wanted to be able to control my emotions and emotions. Because I know that all kinds of things in the world will eventually become empty, because I am afraid of being deeply emotionally trapped, and because there is an insecure child living in my heart, I have always been good at hiding my emotions. However, today, suddenly there was a moment when I wanted to know whether the returnees from afar were also under the same sky, looking up at the snow with their heads raised like me. Is it the same as me, because of this snow, I have a shallow lovesickness. It also reminds me of the earliest members of the depression mutual aid group. those who are leaving. As the only friend I have met in real life in a depression support group for a year, my heart is full of guilt. Maybe Liang Zhigang is right, I have always been a selfish person, and I can't be so selfless that I can use all of my own to help every stranger I meet. When he was about to leave, I had a lot of remorse in my heart. Because I am also inexperienced in water, struggling in deep water, I have no ability to save a drowning person. I was not able to give up my perseverance and exchange all my possessions for his landing. Although I have been making my efforts for him to return to the society and return to the sequence of normal life. However, just like he is a dry desert, it needs the nourishment of a sea, and I am just a lake, and my lake not only nourishes my family, my work, my depression mutual aid group, but also undertakes My responsibility, but also to face all the censures of my life. So, I can only say sorry. The power I thought I could give was so vulnerable in the face of reality. Now, the members of the first mutual aid group are basically all scattered in my private WeChat. A year has passed in a hurry, and whenever I look back, I can always see my youth and idealism, and the lonely courage I used to be. The hurts and misunderstandings that have been suffered have faded into a beautiful background in the depths of the years. Occasionally, the earliest members of the group will leave messages to me late at night, "Moonlight, I have successfully completed my job" "Sister Moonlight, I miss you very much" "Moonlight, I have encountered a new problem.. ......" I think I'm a lucky person who gave a little bit of warmth and received so much trust and support from strangers, so that I never cried even when I was hurt. Every time I send my friends away, I feel deeply. I remember, after a drink, I once told my friends in the group about my original intention. My initial intention to do depression mutual aid was very small, even selfish. Because I love someone with all my life and strength, I hope that I can warm the sky where he lives by paying for it. I treat the world tenderly because I hope he will be treated tenderly by the world. Now, to every friend who has left, I hope that after you leave, you will not return to the original origin. Life has to go on. The road is far away. I also hope that you will not remember me, just remember that in the once dark and helpless world, there was a little light that brought you a little warmth and hope. I hope that you in the future will use this little light and hope to illuminate your own tomorrow. If you have the ability, please, please, also use your little light to illuminate a small piece of the world around you and illuminate the people you encounter. , people passing by. I don't need you to remember me, and I don't need you to thank me. Just hope, in this ruthless world, you remember the warm hope in your heart. The warmth I have is not much, but I hope that after parting, you will remember the temperature of my fingertips, and then remember that there is still warmth and love in this world. Many people say that Yueguang is a woman like Daiyu. In fact, Daiyu in my eyes, on the surface, is looking at the gathering and dispersing of life dialectically, but it is actually dialectically looking at the joys and sorrows of life. Gathering and dispersing are just forms, which bring inner joy and sorrow. Lin Daiyu is a pessimist whether he treats life, flowering, or even everything in the world. More often, I am not pessimistic. Gathering and dispersing in life is a matter of fate. It's like, if that friend leaves, maybe we won't have the chance to see each other again in this life. But I believe that he has his way in the future. All I can do is bless. Tonight, the wine is warm, the singing is half, don't be more cherished later. I don't have the ability to warm you in three winters, but when you look back, there is a piece of moonlight that illuminates the dark night for you. treasure. treasure. treasure.

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