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4.2 World Autism Day, let's learn about autism together

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4.2 World Autism Day, let's learn about autism together

Autism, also known as autism or autism disorder (ASD), and most people with autism have very limited and fixed interests, are extremely focused on interests, live in their own world, and communicate with the outside world. communication is out of place. Since the United Nations designated April 2 every year as the "World Autism Awakening Day" in 2007, this day of caring for people with autism has gone through more than ten years, and autism has become more and more popular. Many people know and know. Autism Autism is called autism spectrum disorder, which is quite different from people often lamenting "I am autistic". It is a representative disease of children's pervasive developmental disorder, often accompanied by language development delay. Symptoms such as mental retardation, mental retardation, etc., cause an indelible blow to the children themselves and their families, and are one of the most important developmental health problems for children in today's society. Autism, classified as a developmental disorder due to a disorder of the nervous system, is characterized by abnormal social skills, communication skills, interests and behavioral patterns. They are mainly manifested in different degrees of speech developmental disorders, interpersonal barriers, narrow interests and stereotyped autism. In 1989, a film about family affection and healing "Rain Man" won the Oscar for best picture and the most Best screenplay, best director, best actor four awards. This is the most widely influential classic autism film to date. The story is very simple. Charlie found out that his father left the inheritance to his autistic brother Raymond, and he wanted to defraud the wealth, and planned to use his brother's super memory to make money by gambling. But in the process, the kinship of blood broke the original estrangement, and the sincere and touching brotherhood replaced Charlie's original selfish self-interest. In the movie, Raymond, who has autism, always likes to talk to himself and ignores other people's questions. We often call people with autism "Rain Man", which is also from this film. Autistic children are considered to be stars in the sky. They fall from the stars, but indulge in their own world and cannot perceive the existence of light sources. As a result, they tend to have severe learning disabilities and struggle to take care of themselves. This is also the most common phenomenon of people with autism spectrum disorders that we encounter in our daily life. They are not deaf but do not hear sounds, are not blind but turn a blind eye to you, and are not dumb but always keep silent. Like the stars in the sky, shining far and alone. The release of DSM-V, the authoritative diagnostic criteria for autism in the United States, shows that autism spectrum disorders have two core characteristics, namely social interaction impairment, narrow interests and repetitive stereotyped behaviors. Verbal and non-verbal communication disorders are considered to be the first two. The result of core disorder is an important manifestation of autism. Because the etiology is complex, autism is currently a world problem, and there is no complete cure. It can only be alleviated through early intervention. In children with autism, the signs and symptoms of autism with problems communicating and interacting with others are: - Delayed language development. - Frequent repetition of a group of words or phrases. - Speak in a tone that sounds monotonous and uniform, as if you lack the ability to adapt to the current situation. - Tendency to interpret anything heard literally and lack the ability to identify statements or sentences with sarcasm or humor. -Tends to communicate in single words rather than phrases. - Unable to respond to other people's pronunciation of their own name. Because of their unfamiliarity, autistic subjects sometimes appear to be people with hearing problems. In reality, however, their hearing is almost always completely normal. - A complete lack of interest in "cuddles" and gentle gestures by parents and others (seems almost annoying at times). - I like to play alone. - Responding in an angry or aggressive manner for no particular reason. - Tendency to avoid eye contact. - Unable to communicate using gestures and facial expressions. - Dislikes playing and partying with peers. - Little interest in making friends with peers. - Aggressive tendencies. Some of these problems—for example, delayed language development or a preference for playing alone—are already present in the preschool years. About seeing a doctor The doctor believes that parents should have their child examined by a specialist if: - At 6 months old, she/he is not smiling or showing any signs of joy/cheering. - At 9 months old, she/he does not make any noises or show special facial expressions. - At 12 months old, she/he was silent. - At 14 months, she/he will not make any return gestures, point, stretch, etc. - At 16 months, she/he cannot speak. - At 24 months, s/he cannot speak two-word sentences. It is appealed that with the increasing number of special groups, autism has evolved into a social problem. Life, study, work, and integration into society... Every aspect of survival of autistic people requires the joint attention of the government and all fields of society. Work together to turn negative into positive, and all of this starts with acceptance. The National Autism Society (National autism Society) clearly wrote on its official website: What people with autism need is not to be cured, but to be accepted by the world. They just perceive the world around them differently, which affects their communication skills and ability to communicate with others. Bai Yansong, a health knowledge propagandist of the China Health Knowledge Dissemination Incentive Program, appealed: "What is more terrible than autism is indifference and isolation. Don't let such coercion aggravate the loneliness of children with autism." Care and acceptance are the progress of a country's civilization. Performance, for people with autism spectrum disorder, our guardian is the strongest resistance, and learning to accept is more important than paying attention. References: 1. Beijing News: 10 million autistic patients, and their families

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