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Don't let emotional blackmail be the last straw

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Don't let emotional blackmail be the last straw

Author: Harry Zhang
Your love makes me so tired. Don't let emotional blackmail be the last straw that breaks your relationship. From childhood to adulthood, a person will always go through various stages of emotional sacrifice, such as affection with family members, love with boyfriends and girlfriends, or friendship with good friends. Among these emotional sacrifices, the most profound and life-like ones are often the most profound. It is family and love, but it is also the most easily hurt emotion. What is emotional blackmail? Emotional blackmail refers to people who are close to us who will use some methods, which may be indirect or direct, to threaten us. If we do not obey the threat of emotional blackmailers, they will punish us in their own way. The purpose of emotional blackmailers is different from general blackmail. Their purpose is not necessarily to ask for money, but more to blackmail attention, time and freedom. Emotional blackmail generally occurs in two kinds of emotions: between domestic partners and between family parents and children. For example, parents always say to their adult children: "I paid so much for you", "What should I do when you go abroad", "Why are you so selfish". "If you don't come back, I will die for you to see", "If you dare to go, I will XXX", "If you don't answer my call, I will XXX immediately"... Over time, the blackmailer will I feel that life with my parents or my other half is very painful. I don’t understand why I am always in a threatened state. It is not others who are hurt, but myself. What I have been deprived of is freedom and energy, which causes the client to be very physically and mentally exhausted. . How to stop being emotionally blackmailed , should try to stop creating a situation of being blackmailed and get the blackmailer out of his expectations. Of course, saying no is a very difficult question for many people, and how to adjust the attitude of the blackmailer is also a big question. Basically, you need to tell the blackmailer to express: I will not obey you, but I do not Will ignore you after being blackmailed by you. The title of the book: "Emotional Blackmail" is a search keyword. It is sold on Taobao and Tmall. There are many similar ones with similar content. Please buy them according to the price. Write romantic stories, but also focus on depression, autism and Asperger's syndrome groups. If you want to know about the depression mutual aid group, you can find me on my official account: watch the water grow (baiyueguang0915).

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