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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia 10. Intimacy in the ordinary

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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia 10. Intimacy in the ordinary

Hetian's diary, Li Shaocheng commented on Li Shaocheng: I don't comment anymore, just experience the ordinary intimacy between siblings. Hopefully tomorrow will be windy and not too cold so I can lead him to fly a kite. 2015.2.12 Huang QQ is very smart, spiritual, and loves to talk. This is what I lack and admire, but when I do one thing, I can't stand my temper. Learning, you will persevere and get into it to achieve results. He is not like this. What effect will the intelligence I once admired play on the development of a person's life trajectory? How should I influence and guide you? My dear brother, is it to look old at three years old or is it still too young to grow up and change? Of course, my understanding of him is not always correct, but no matter what kind of character he is, whether he is good or bad, what will happen when he grows up, I think my brother is my favorite big baby . 2015.2.24 Me: Do you know why I always love to tease you? Brother: Because I am a small landlord. 2015.3.4 Huang QQ will watch children's programs. After 7:30 in the past few days, the channel has been changed to 14 sets. Haha, finally, I don't change into 100,000 people without watching it for a few seconds. Why? 2015.4.6 I prepared too many things for Chinese New Year. There was only one chicken left. I ate it tonight, but I couldn't cook it. I was too old. My mother said that the cooks in their kindergarten were very good at cooking and were very tender. I suddenly remembered that my mother said before that she didn't like chicken, so I asked her, and she said, before? I bought those two chicken legs at one time, and you ate them all. How can I eat enough? I let you eat alone since you were a child, or could you grow so tall... But she didn't say it was fake at the time... 2015.4.27 Yesterday, my mother said that Huang QQ poured a box of milk and put it in the refrigerator. No wonder she specially told me that there was sorbet in the refrigerator, but it is said that he put it in the refrigerator... 2015.5.18 A small cool breeze caressed, in the corner The leaves swayed gently, far forgetting the anxiety and strong wind during the day, and the night in early summer was quite beautiful. 2015.6.9 Dear brother, now I just call him Huang QJ, a happy "hard" big boy. Likes to play glue guns, like to play games, like to fry eggs, like to sleep late, but hate homework, haha. I was urged to take a bath every day, and I was urged to get a haircut every day. Every morning I go to school, I have to let my mother fight wits and courage to give birth to an atmosphere. But I still love my brother the most. When he was a child, my mother bought two plush toys for the first time, one was a bunny and the other was a pale yellow calf, like a baby calf. It is the bottom of other people's goods, and it is sold very cheaply. I actually liked these things since I was a child, but my mother never bought them for me, nor did I ask for them. She loves to buy me Barbie dolls, and I like to make clothes for dolls. After I bought it back, my brother nervously handed the calf to me. I actually like rabbits, haha. Then the little guy was super surprised, very surprised. It turned out that the little guy liked the calf, so he gave me his favorite. I was treated the same as my brother every day, and I also became a child. Now my younger brother always considers himself an urbanite and is very proud. I have long forgotten the hard times. He was too young then. When Dad was sick, the family had a tough, braised pork rib. I will discuss it with my brother. When the meal starts, we will eat less and let Dad eat more. But wait until the ribs come up. The younger brother only ate a small piece. Then I kept eating, I thought I only ate a few pieces... Then my brother kept patting me quietly, "Sister! Sister..." I was very funny and helpless, my brother, there are so many spare ribs. many. But when I recalled it later, I suddenly felt a little naive. The younger brother is so young, only three years old, let alone eating, how many pieces can he eat? Discuss with him. But I have been spoiled since I was a child, a plate of meat, under normal circumstances, probably most of the plate is mine. My brother has grown up. Up to now, he doesn't like meat very much, and he likes it, but he doesn't have the realm that I don't only eat meat. When my father was critically ill, I called my mother. Later, my mother said, when I called, my brother was quietly kneeling in front of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva she was offering, and said, "Applaud, applaud..." He was not yet three years old at the time, a small person. Now that everything is gone, peace and happiness are restored. When I got married, my dad said later that after I left, my brother sat quietly on the bay window of my house, watching the motorcade downstairs, crying for a long time, no one could coax him. This is my brother. Cute big brother. my only relative. In fact, it is not the only one, and now there are more Niuniu and Babies. The three of them are my favorites. my darling.


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