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Bags under the eyes may make you look 10 years older! Check out these 5 reasons for eye bags

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Bags under the eyes may make you look 10 years older! Check out these 5 reasons for eye bags

I believe that everyone does not want their bags under the eyes to be big, because the bags under the eyes will make the eyes look small and look older, so when most people find that their bags are heavy, they will rush to find a way to remove the bags under the eyes. If you want to remove eye bags, you need to first understand what causes them, and then improve them in a targeted manner, so as to be able to fundamentally adjust, especially the following reasons are easy to cause heavy eye bags. What factors are related to heavy eye bags? 1. Staying up late for a long time When it comes to heavy eye bags, I believe that many people first think of staying up late for a long time, which will lead to serious lack of sleep. It can be said that this is a common cause of heavy eye bags. Insufficient sleep, the skin cells and tissues around the eyes do not get enough rest, the blood circulation is not smooth, the skin tissues around the eyes will accelerate aging, and over time, eye bags are prone to appear. If you want to improve, you should pay attention to changing the bad work and rest , to go to bed early and get up early. 2. Genetic factors Some people have the problem of heavy eye bags at a young age. In addition to the factors of staying up late, this situation is likely to be caused by genetic factors. That is, if one of the parents has heavier eye bags, the children may have the problem of heavy eye bags. If you want to improve this situation, it is more effective to use medical aesthetics. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the maintenance in the later period to avoid eye bags from getting worse and worse. 3. Use low-quality cosmetics Today's women use a variety of cosmetics to smear on their faces every day. If you don't pay attention when choosing cosmetics, choose some low-quality cosmetics, which contain more chemical components, and will be used for a long time. There will be more residue on the face, which will have a greater impact on the facial skin, which may lead to the appearance of bags under the eyes. 4. Eye fatigue Long-term eye fatigue can easily lead to aggravation of eye bags, especially now that electronic products are popularized, many people face the computer for a long time when they go to work, and they like to look at their mobile phones all the time after get off work. Excessive use of the eyes can easily cause fatigue. Long-term eye fatigue will cause a series of eye problems, such as swelling, soreness, dryness, etc., and it will also affect the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, so it is easy to cause Eye bags appear. 5. Disease factors The appearance of eye bags may also be caused by certain diseases, such as hyperlipidemia patients, whose blood circulation ability is relatively poor, which is easy to induce eye bags. There are also some women with serious eye bags, which may be due to spleen deficiency. Once women have spleen deficiency, their skin is prone to sagging. In addition, without good rest, the skin around the eyes becomes more and more sagging, and eye bags will appear. It is found that the under-eye bags are more serious, and attention should be paid to timely improvement. You can use vitamin E to apply it, which is more helpful for diluting dark circles and removing eye bags. There is also frequent massage around the eyes, which is also helpful for promoting blood circulation in this part and helping to eliminate eye bags. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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