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New measures for high-quality nursing in closed psychiatric wards

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New measures for high-quality nursing in closed psychiatric wards

Source: Psychiatric nursing in the closed ward of the psychiatric department often encounters poor compliance of patients or family members with protective restraints, prompts for high-risk patients to leave warning signs, poor health education effect, and patients’ needs for commonly used items cannot be met in time. Satisfaction, the patient's personal clothes were wrongly collected by other patients, etc. In response to the above problems, we have formulated five new measures for high-quality nursing. After more than one year of implementation, we have achieved good clinical results. Now we share the following: 01 Problem 1: Patients and their families have poor compliance with protective constraints and are not easy to accept. Reason analysis: After investigation, 80% of patients do not like the white color restraint belt, if the restraint belt is more beautiful, it will be easier to accept. Action 1: Make and use "green protective tape" Green is a protective color, giving people a sense of tranquility, and can play a role in relaxing and stabilizing emotions. Change the color of the protective band from white to green to bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the patient. Evaluation of the effect: 1. The green restraint belt is warm and beautiful, which improves the psychological feeling of the restrained patient and improves the patient's compliance with the restraint. 2. The color of the green protective tape is eye-catching, which is convenient for nursing staff to observe the restraint situation at any time. 02 Question 2: The risk of psychiatric nursing has the characteristics of specialists. Five risks are more common, including suicide, self-injury, violence, going out, falling, and choking. The phenomenon of patients detaching from each other is severe, making the warning signs ineffective. Measure 2: Make and use "mobile warning signs" Implementation method: Make flower-like warning signs, which can be pasted on the patient's chest, so that the patient can still be reminded of the warning signs when moving. Effect evaluation: 1. The sign has mobility, so that the warning sign moves with the patient, which strengthens risk prevention. 2. The logo is warm and beautiful, easy for patients to accept. 3. Stick it in a prominent position on the chest, and every nurse in the department clearly knows the main points of protection. 03 Question 3: mentally ill patients have impaired cognition to varying degrees and have poor acceptance of health education knowledge. Action 3: Adopt the "Knowledge Tree Visualization Health Education" chart Implementation method: 1. Divide the content of health education into 7 sections, in order Climb up in order from low to high, form a knowledge tree, and make health education diagrams and health education cards. 2. A small card is issued to the patient, with the content of each section on the card, and the nurses mark each section of the education section after confirming that the patient is aware of it. 3. The big picture of the knowledge tree is pasted in the patient activity area for collective publicity and education. Effect evaluation: 1. The form of tree-like health education cards is interesting, which stimulates patients' initiative and motivation to learn health education knowledge. 2. The steps and contents of health education are clarified, which is convenient for nurses to implement health education in a planned and targeted manner. 04 Question 4: There is no family to accompany the closed ward, and the patient's needs for daily necessities are sometimes not met in time. Measure 4: Improve the working mode and adopt the implementation method of "point delivery service": clarify the types of items available in the ward, formulate a price list of items, select 3 convalescent patients as delivery staff, and provide a demand book for items. The delivery staff pre-calculates the items needed by the patient and records them in the demand book. The nurse checks the check and prepares the items according to the statistical results. The drop-off staff places items on a cart to deliver to each patient. The dispatcher will record the bill and send the bill to the patient, and the patient will sign the bill column after confirming that it is correct. Effect evaluation: 1. Enriched patients' ward life and exercised their social functions. 2. The patient's needs for items are met in a timely manner. 3. The delivery of items is more orderly. 4. Improve the patient's participation in money and property management, which has been unanimously recognized by patients and their families. 05 Question 5: The patient's clothes are easy to lose when drying. Action 5: Use the "clothing card" to mark the clothes for drying. Implementation method: After the patient washes the clothes, the nurse marks the patient's name on the waterproof card with a marker, and clips it to the clothes and takes it to the balcony to dry. After the clothes are dry, the nurse returns the clothes to the patient. Remove the drying card, wipe the name on the card with a rag, and put it back in the box for later use. Effect evaluation: 1. Solve the phenomenon of unclaimed clothes piled up on the balcony after drying. 2. Eliminate the phenomenon of confusion, loss and wrong collection of patients' clothes when drying. 3. Ensure the safety of patients, and prevent adverse events such as patients fleeing while drying clothes. 4. Clothes on the drying table are hung neatly and orderly, which improves the quality of ward management. The above five measures have improved the nursing equipment, optimized the service process, fully reflected the characteristics of the specialty, solved the practical problems in clinical work, improved the level of nursing services, and improved the satisfaction of patients with nursing services, and achieved good results. clinical effect. #Super Health Team##Physician Reports Super Energy Team##Health Science Qualifying Tournament#


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