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"Professor Wang's Sharing" Will stress definitely lead to depression?

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"Professor Wang's Sharing" Will stress definitely lead to depression?

December 2, 2019 Foreign media reports: A UC San Diego study was published in the journal Neuroscience. Studies have shown that some people resist depression and lack of happiness even under chronic stress, or because of changes in neurotransmission. The picture experiments showed that a core feature of depressed mice was the inability to feel happy, but some of the mice produced more serotonin neurons in their brains. This finding is counterintuitive, because people with depression are often deficient in this serotonin. Huayou psychologist Zhu Fengyan talked about the relationship between stress and depression. The researchers pointed out that the dorsal raphe nucleus was originally an area of ​​the brain that is the main source of serotonin, but under special circumstances, other neurons in the brain may be " Recruit" to make serotonin. It may be that stress changes the way the brain produces this serotonin. Here, the serotonin system shows a plasticity that, under certain conditions, may produce neurotransmitters that it doesn't otherwise have, which also contributes to the fact that not everyone who is stressed will experience depressive symptoms. Previous Research: How Stress Causes Depression in General Stress has a direct effect on mood, and early initial symptoms of depressed mood may include restlessness, disrupted sleep, and cognitive changes. Stress can come from the outside, or it can be something that can’t be figured out from the inside that stagnates in the heart, combining inside and outside, leading to depression. A very typical symptom of depression patients is rumination, thinking constantly but can't figure it out, thinking about bad things, so that they can't sleep, and they live like years after waking up. Picture When a person is in a long-term depression state, the hippocampus in the brain shrinks and the mood becomes abnormal. These people had lower levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which protects the health of nerve cells. When a person is under psychological stress for a long time, the level of the protein synthesized by the neurite gene expression is low, which cannot protect the brain, which may lead to depression. The interaction between internal and external factors of mental health quality and external pressure can lead to mental disorders or various mental diseases. If the psychological quality is good, even if the pressure is high, it is not easy to have problems. If the psychological quality is poor, the pressure may cause problems. Popular science link: serotonin, also known as serotonin, is widely found in mammalian tissues, especially in the cerebral cortex and synapses. It is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which can produce pleasure. Emotional messenger. People with lower serotonin levels are more likely to develop depression. Women's brains synthesize serotonin at half the rate of men, which helps explain why women are more prone to depression.

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