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Hysteria - pay attention to mental diseases and maintain mental and mental health

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Hysteria - pay attention to mental diseases and maintain mental and mental health

###What is the standard for judging whether an elderly person is healthy or not#Hysteria is a mental disease, more rural areas than urban areas, more women than men, and more women than men in adolescence or menopause. This kind of mental illness will cause different symptoms in different people. It is very helpful to know the related symptoms of hysteria in time, which is very helpful to discover the existence of hysteria. What are the symptoms of hysteria? 1. Emotional explosion Under the influence of mental factors, hysterical patients will suddenly appear mental disorders, such as crying, laughing, rage, yelling, beating people, smashing things, etc. Sometimes they feel wronged, sad, cry, and sometimes elated. In severe cases, the patient will also have such actions and performances, such as coquetry and pretentiousness. Generally, the onset time of these symptoms is relatively short, and the patient is also aware of it during the onset process. 2. Consciousness disorder Hysteria can also lead to problems in the development of consciousness. The specific manifestations are that the company remains in a state of drowsiness, does not respond to the calls of others, does not use movement when pushing and shoves patients, stiff limbs, and lie on the bed stiffly, only we Vibration of the eyelids can be detected. Although some patients have a hazy social awareness, the students’ emotions are particularly rich, and even show more vivid expressions and exaggerated emotions, and sometimes even talk or sing, and most of what they say is related to the mental and psychological trauma. related. 3. Hysteria Hysteria leads to the occurrence of mind wandering. Patients will not only lose their memory temporarily, but also deny the whole process after being discovered from this place, and will deny their identity. In addition to hysteria, which will lead to the appearance of mind wandering, epilepsy patients may also appear this symptom. 4. Conversion symptoms Conversion symptoms refer to the specific manifestations of physical dysfunction and seizures. Patients will have similar seizures before the seizures, and may have symptoms such as headache, chest tightness, and upset. During the attack, the limbs will not stop twitching or straightening, and two eyes will appear, and various activities are often accompanied during the attack, such as tearing clothes, slapping the chest, and scratching around people. Some patients experience paralysis in the form of hemiplegia, paraplegia, and paraplegia. Hysteria will have adverse effects on all aspects of the patient, making it impossible for the patient to live and work normally. Therefore, if symptoms of hysteria appear, they should be treated promptly. A combination of psychotherapy and medication is suggested to provide faster relief of the disease and allow patients to return to normal life and work sooner. How should family members take care of the mentally ill? As the family members of the mentally ill, their responsibilities are very important, because if they take good care of them, the patient is likely to recover gradually. When family members take care of the mentally ill, they should do the following: 1. Talk to the patient more: Family members should spend more time with the mentally ill in their daily life and tell the patient more about their past events. If this is repeated many times, it is likely to bring back the patient's memory. 2. Regularly give patients medicines: Generally, doctors will prescribe some medicines for mental patients to treat neuropathy. As a family member, you must remember to give patients medicines on time. 3. Take the patient out of the house: Family members must not keep the mentally ill indoors, take them out to experience the outside world, and take them to the places they used to go.


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