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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia: 9. The intimacy between siblings makes my sister very happy

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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia: 9. The intimacy between siblings makes my sister very happy

Hetian's diary, Li Shaocheng commented in the dream. 2014.12.29 (Li Shaocheng: Generally, most young people with schizophrenia have a state of being awake but not awake, like a dream but not a dream.) My brother asked me: "Sister, what brand is your phone, Apple? Brand?" I said, "No." My brother asked, "Is that a cherry? Or a watermelon?" My dear little brother! (Li Shaocheng: My lovely younger brother still can't identify the brand of mobile phone very well) 2014.9.11 Hug on the left, hug on the right, nod and bend over. (Li Shaocheng: Taking care of my younger brother seems to be a very happy thing. It hurts so much. Maybe Hetian has a projection effect of "emotional attachment" in this.) 2014.11.17 I don't know if the snoring next door is from my father or my mother, and I can't hear it. I hate it, I feel very peaceful, and Dad coughed. This is the advantage of the prefab house. All the sounds are clear. When it rains, the sound is non-stop, which affects sleep but feels very uncomfortable. The original ecology seems to be separated from the rain curtain by a layer of transparent glass. I couldn't sleep, and I heard my mother asking my brother if he urinated, but my brother didn't want to get up. At this time of the week, I have been swimming in my sleep for a long time. Today, I read this book on the pillow. I downloaded it in advance. I downloaded half of the novel, and I searched again to find that there are many, many more, but I am no longer interested in reading it bit by bit. I hate it. I will ask about the ending tomorrow, hey, the cup is insomnia. (Li Shaocheng: I don't like some sales people very much. Some sales people's sales techniques are close to fraudulent techniques. There are all kinds of routines. The half-book routine is to use people's unfinished complex to make a fuss.) My brother doesn't hum, the room After returning to quiet, my sleepiness is almost brewing. 2014.12.14 At that time, I lived in a prefabricated house, and my family was demolished. The demolition in Xinzheng countryside was not as good as that in big cities, but it also solved the poverty of my family at that time. We were the first family to move. I was not there when we moved. I heard from my mother. She said that the house was built for a lifetime. The steel bars were full. When the excavator hit the house, my mother was very uncomfortable. Sad (Li Shaocheng: It’s not just about houses, it’s more about attachment and emotion, but I hope the demolition and relocation are more humane. It’s better to slow down the housing development. It’s all new and good, but there is no historical attachment. A lot of people will be a little anxious). Someone else's house fell down as soon as it was pushed down. Our house was smashed a lot, but it didn't fall down. At that time, when my mother told me about this scene, I was a bit at a loss because I was not here, and I was still in Chengdu. When I came back, I had moved to the board room. When we moved at that time, my mother said that they lived in the uncle's house, and they were very rough and cheerful. My dad always steamed and eaten the fish in the refrigerator, but only later learned that the uncle's refrigerator was not enough, so I put it in my refrigerator. Every time I talk about it, my dad will be very embarrassed and laugh. . The section of the river contracted by the uncle's family is used as a fish pond. Mom is always grateful to their family. The new house has not been built, and the old one has been demolished, so we have to temporarily build a transitional prefab house. My father designed it. The kitchen and bathroom are all in the house, just like two bedrooms and one living room. cover. After I came home from Chengdu, I lived directly in a prefabricated house. I thought it would be very cold in winter, but it was amazing. In fact, the winter in the prefab house is not very cold, but the summer is too hot. At that time, I had already adapted to the side effects of the drugs, and I had never experienced any recurrence, and I had never tasted the refreshing feeling that the side effects suddenly disappeared. Others didn't know that I had the disease, and my in-laws kept my secret very well. So life is very peaceful and beautiful. My younger brother is very cute and lively. I have watched him grow up since I was a child, and I have a very deep relationship with him. Apart from my parents, I am the only relative in the world. Before the age of nineteen, I was very envious of those who had older brothers and sisters. I never thought that at the age of nineteen, I would become a sister. When my brother was born, I asked my mother, what if I said I was a paternalistic sister? Or be a sister? It was a little confusing at the time because my brother was too young. Before my younger brother was born, I was very resistant to having a younger brother. But when we came home from military training vacation, when I saw my brother for the first time, I fell in love with this cute little baby so much. Later, he became a big baby, and now he is a cute ghost who is disobedient and bullies my mother. Very clever. This is my brother. I became the little sister of a little baby. Get along with him in his way, talk to him in his tone, be as unreasonable as he is. Slowly, I was brought up as a child by my brother. Stumbling and stumbling, my little angel brother is now eleven years old. I'm thirty years old, still nineteen years older than him. Li Shaocheng's comment: The healing effect of attachment behavior Hetian has a younger brother, which is really a great thing for her who suffered from schizophrenia early on. The younger brother plays an indispensable role in the treatment of the elder sister, that is to say, the younger brother has a healing effect on the "Hetian" elder sister, and the psychological mechanism that works is the attachment behavior system. The attachment system essentially addresses some of the fundamental questions in life: Is the object of attachment nearby? Does he accept me? Does he care about me? If the child perceives this question as a positive feedback, the child will feel loved, safe, confident, and will engage in behaviors that explore their surroundings, play with others, and socialize. However, if the child perceives negative feedback on the question, the child experiences anxiety and displays various attachment behaviors: from searching with the eyes to actively following and shouting, these behaviors continue until the child recovers. Establish an adequate level of physical or psychological closeness to the attachment figure, or until the child is "exhausted," which can occur in situations of prolonged separation from the mother or the "missing" mother. Children in such helpless situations experience disappointment and depression. Fortunately, the elder sister and the younger brother are in love with each other. While the elder sister takes care of the younger brother, the feedback from the younger brother also has a healing effect on the elder sister's condition. The only child may lose this opportunity.


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