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Self-redemption of a depressed patient: Hope is always there

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Self-redemption of a depressed patient: Hope is always there

If we find that a person suffers from depression, we should not have the behavior of rejection and avoidance, we should correctly treat them like normal people, enlighten and understand them. Photo source pexels at 7:30 in the morning, it's time to get up, and I haven't slept all night again. The last time I saw it was 5:20 in the morning, and I had to face heavy work and collapse! I know, I have started a new round of insomnia, which only happened in winter before, I thought it was because of the weather, so I had insomnia, and recently this has become more and more frequent. At the same time, the following situations also appeared: unable to concentrate for a long time; memory is getting worse and worse, learning ability begins to weaken; there will be a large area of ​​unhappiness every day; feel worthless, do nothing well, always go to work I feel that the leader has been staring at me and held back a lot of unsatisfactory thoughts; when it is serious, when I take the subway, I will cry inexplicably alone; even if I can fall asleep at night, my dreams are full of unresolved things during the day. ; Begin to not feel the beauty of life, feel groggy every day, like in a dream; often feel tired; but not serious enough to commit suicide; ... The above state is an indirect occurrence , It lasted on and off for two and a half years. When the state is good, it is similar to a normal person. When the state is not good, it is like a different person. And the original me was a little sun with positive energy, love of life, and love to share. At that time, I would be inexplicably moved when I looked up to see the sun, the moon, and the shadows of trees. I would be very excited to hear good music, and I would also have a whim. , to learn a guitar. Photo source pexels I will lose weight because I am overweight, go to the gym for running and cycling every day, life is full of rushes every day, and I will be very excited when I encounter challenges at work: I have clear career development goals and life plans, I will be happy Help others, share in the circle of friends, and post your own news. Now, after reading a lot of articles and books about depression, I found that I may be really depressed, and the reasons for depression are different for everyone. Photo source pexels I analyzed my main reasons: 1. I am overwhelmed by pressure and changes, which leads to insomnia. 2. I have high demands on myself, and I always deny myself subjectively, and I will be unhappy in a large area every day. 3. A friend with depression may be more or less affected by him and realize the problem. Photo source pexels Next, I will share with you my own practices: 1. In order to make myself happy, I did things that I had always wanted to do before, and signed up to learn motorcycles. 2. After learning motorcycles, I went to a professional psychiatrist, hoping that I can understand depression from a professional perspective, understand depression and be able to overcome it. Besides, the most correct decision I made: I chose my most trusted friend and put myself I told her about my helplessness and my current situation seriously. She received my signal for help and planned to help me, so we agreed to make a 15-minute video every day to talk about my daily thoughts, and also set a very fun one. The goal: to call salvation unhappy. Like an old Chinese medicine doctor, she diagnoses my "condition" every day, and also writes a "medical record book" earnestly to record the changes in my mentality in detail, and correct the incorrect mentality. Sometimes, we chat The topic has nothing to do with being sick, but we chat very happily. In fact, our daily conversation is more than half an hour. In order to avoid unhappiness as much as possible and discover the beauty in life, I write a success diary every day: Progress and harvest: A week later, it was the first time I listened to music in recent months, and I felt moved, and I began to like all kinds of good-looking music. Clothes and skirts, a stronger desire to be better. I began to like to communicate with people, and I felt less and less confused. The most important thing is: on May 18, I was not unhappy at all. Now work and life are very normal, the sky seems to be bluer than before, passers-by are friendlier than before, and colleagues are more caring than before~ I feel that life has hope, I am full of interest in many things, life is going on, I began to adjust my mentality. It has become to adjust my routine and diet, to practice both inside and outside, and strive to be a strong person who cannot be beaten by life. Maybe, my depression is almost cured. Photo source pexels I would like to give a few suggestions to friends who have depression like me: 1. Don't think that depression is a serious illness, and don't share it with anyone. Taking it alone will only make the mood worse, and you need to call for help. Signal. 2. Don't indulge in bad emotions, but let it develop without any improvement measures. It will not get better because of your hard work, but will lead to a vicious circle. Do everything you can to give yourself a chance to come out. 3. I also want to tell friends of depressed patients: If a friend around you tells you that he seems to be depressed or unhappy all day, don’t think that he is hypocritical. Since he told you, it means that he trusts you very much, and Very helpless, he really needs your listening and help. Image source pexels4, you can try to write a happy diary, a gratitude diary, a success diary, so that you will put some energy into finding or creating beautiful things every day, help You stay away from bad emotions. 5. If you have tried all but still cannot solve your problem, you should go to the hospital in time to receive the most professional treatment. Depression is not terrible. It is like a fever and a cold. It needs your careful care, injections and medicines, and it will slowly get better. Finally, I would also like to sincerely thank my good friend, who received my helplessness when I sent a signal for help, and gave me the most careful help and care. I hope that in the days to come, she will meet all good people and her dreams will come true.

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