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Contemporary girls stay up late: please call me a bald fairy!

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Contemporary girls stay up late: please call me a bald fairy!

I'm a little baby who stays up all night and doesn't sleep anything until midnight. You ask me why I don't sleep? (I.. I didn't ask) Because, staying up late to watch dramas is not too tiring! Stay up late sister, the whole army strikes! ! ! This time, I interviewed a girl who also liked but wanted to quit staying up late, and organized the conversation between the two of us into "The Book of Contemporary Girls Staying Up Late" (Sister staying up late, you were arrested) I hope you all like it (must like it) ) O hello, you look tired but still liang, let me introduce yourself to everyone. Well, I'm a very late night lover...Little Fairy I: Vomit! ! ! O then, why do you like to stay up late? Is it love! Harm O Then I ask you what do you usually like to do when you stay up late? For example, of course, what I like the most is the repeated physical friction and interaction tests with the surface of smart high-end digital communication equipment. Commonly known as O... Are you still staying up late lately? I want to quit, what is more important? O harm! Sister can think about it! So, how is the plan to overcome staying up late? Failed too! what? ? ? What's going on? I went to bed at ten o'clock. It's impossible to go to bed directly. It must be warmed up. So I just... came back to my senses. Wow, I found that it was already past eleven o'clock. Let's sleep again. So, I started to read the book and listen to the music again...O As a result, you fell asleep with the soothing singing? Result O I*? ? ? So, will you continue to try to go to bed early and get rid of the habit of staying up late? O Then, when do you think you can quit? ennm....... I guess I won't stay up late when I fall asleep in the arms of the person I like Also, let me tell you secretly! If you have insomnia, you can click "read the full text" to consult, just sauce, bye~ son, bye~

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