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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia 5. Why did psychotropic drugs make me so fat?

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Diary of a girl with schizophrenia 5. Why did psychotropic drugs make me so fat?

Diary: Hetian, Editing Comments: Li Shaocheng In late 2018 to early 2019, I relapsed. The reason for the relapse was because I felt very good, so I stopped taking the medicine without taking into account the doctor's orders. Once I stopped taking the medicine, I felt very free, just like the handcuffs and shackles were taken off, extremely flexible. It feels good to be off the drug. My hands and feet are very flexible, my brain turns very fast, I can read a book at a glance and ten lines, my memory is restored, my speech is much faster, my people are thinner, and my expressions are smarter, and I can enjoy a slow life like washing socks and underwear. In fact, when there are signs of relapse, I am very clear. It's just too free. After taking medicine for many years, I was entangled by side effects for many years, and finally the cage was released. How could I want to get in again and continue to take medicine. As a result, I got myself in the hospital, and I kept being hospitalized, again and again. From open wards to closed wards. (Li Shaocheng's note: This is not a good phenomenon, she should have known it later.) During the period, she also bit the nurse's sister. At this time, I showed an apologetic smile as I typed, and continued to laugh for a long time (Li Shaocheng's note: what is she smiling at? Although it is a shallow smile, it has a deep meaning). It took a long time to realize that biting was wrong at that time. But when it relapsed, I was dizzy and didn't know the east, west, north and south. I felt that the nurses were imprisoning me under the leadership of the doctor. And I stubbornly waited for the man who quietly rescued me. Compare hearts. Another embarrassed smile. What should I do if I am getting fatter? 2013.12.6 The side effects of the drug are as powerful as its positive effects. I have always hated this side effect for paralyzing my normal life. However, writing here, I suddenly found that if it wasn't for this medicine, I still don't know what it would be like. At that time I was taking risperidone orally disintegrating tablets and trihexyphenidyl. Why oral disintegrating tablets? I still remember a bridge. When I first fell ill, my mother brought two aunts, uncles, and my father to take me to the outpatient building of the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University. I seemed to be sleeping in my bed at the time. They went in a mighty and gentle manner, talking to me in a tone that could be said to be polite and quiet. I don't know what they are going to do. My mother gave me a big ham sausage, and a hole was opened in it and a medicine was put in it. Only my mother can do such a thing, can't I see such a big pill? Many years later, my mother was surprised that I knew about the ham incident. The pills are white. However, the ham is pink. She asked me if I had eaten. I replied that the ham was eaten and the medicine was thrown away. It's kind of funny in retrospect. Maybe this is the cute joke of the god of fate. There is a bit of a sentence that doesn't make sense, just express the meaning. After I was hospitalized and took the medicine normally, I knew I was sick at the time, and even if the side effects were super powerful, I still took the medicine obediently. It's like now, thinking about stopping the medicine every day, and forgetting to take the medicine every day. The doctor told me at the time that I would have to take it for a year or two. At that time, I thought that a year or two was too long, it would be too long. Who would have known that when I was 30 years old, I suddenly realized that life is short, not to mention one or two years, ten or twenty years, it is also a matter of blinking an eye. After taking the medicine normally at that time, I was shocked that I had gained weight. My mom is so happy that I'm finally not skinny anymore. But I am sad that my slim body is gone. Instead, it is a constant and stable one hundred and twenty-six pounds. I am 1.65 meters, and I am 1.65 meters without shoes. One hundred and twenty-six pounds. A bit bloated. But it was this drug that brought my consciousness back to normal. My mother always said to me that if you take medicine, you can bring up the child. It was no exaggeration that she thought so. Li Shaocheng’s comment: The reasons for taking psychotropic drugs to gain weight are as follows: 1. Strong appetite. One of the important side effects of most psychotropic drugs is strong appetite. This part of the side effects is deliberately avoided by drug dealers, or can be said to be deliberately downplayed. It may be that pharmacists are more concerned about the therapeutic effect and other side effects that are life-threatening or cause serious physical reactions or injuries, but clinically, the disturbance of life and the damage to the quality of life caused by a strong appetite cannot be ignored. Side effects such as obesity and diabetes are very common due to a strong appetite. 2. Excessive sedation Most of the psychoactive drugs have sedative effects, leading to excessive sleepiness and even drowsiness. This is also an important cause of obesity in patients. 3. Elevated prolactin The increased prolactin level caused by psychotropic drugs is another cause of obesity that cannot be ignored. The above three cases have a huge impact on the patient's weight, and other side effects are also very serious. In order not to allow patients to suffer the side effects of psychotropic drugs, it is also an important motivation for the author to devote himself to treating various mental and psychological diseases with a drug-free method.

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