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Why was the tumor marker test result normal some time ago, but cancer was suddenly diagnosed?

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Why was the tumor marker test result normal some time ago, but cancer was suddenly diagnosed?

Tumor markers are either abnormally produced by malignant tumor cells, or a substance produced by the body in response to tumor stimuli. In medicine, the risk of developing cancer is often assessed by monitoring tumor markers. Once a tumor marker is found to be elevated, it is highly suspected of cancer. However, some patients had normal tumor marker test results some time ago, but were suddenly diagnosed with cancer. What happened? Why was it diagnosed as cancer even though the tumor marker results were normal? Even if there is a tumor in the body, monitoring for elevated levels of tumor markers is not guaranteed. in other words. Tumor markers were negative, and the tumor could not be completely excluded. Take liver cancer as an example. Serum alpha-fetoprotein is a tumor marker for liver cancer, but the positive rate is only 79% to 90%. A small number of patients with primary liver cancer have normal or slightly elevated serum alpha-fetoprotein. It is difficult to detect tumor cells in the early stage of development. When tumor cells secrete a large number of protein molecules, this substance can only be detected in the blood, and the time difference may reach several months. In addition, some cancer types do not secrete protein molecules, which are difficult to detect in time. Who is suitable for tumor marker testing? First, people over the age of 40; second, with a family history of cancer, especially if there are cancer cases in immediate family members; third, those with precancerous lesions, including chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C, HPV infection, and Helicobacter pylori infection In addition to active treatment, regular monitoring of tumor markers is also required. What should I do if I find an elevated tumor marker? 1. Select a regular hospital for consultation and examination results that show that a certain tumor marker is elevated, you should go to a regular hospital to consult a professional doctor to understand the meaning of the elevated tumor marker; if necessary, you need to do another tumor marker examination to see the test results Is it accurate. 2. Only a single increase is meaningless. The physical examination results show that this is a tumor marker increase that has no clinical significance and is usually related to inflammation. To determine cancer, other circumstances need to be combined. 3. Don’t panic if the tumor markers increase after a one-month interval, and wait for one month before going to the re-examination. If tumor markers are still elevated, further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis. Kindly remind that if the increase of tumor markers in one inspection is relatively significant, which exceeds the upper limit of the reference value several times; after multiple inspections, the value of tumor markers continues to increase; if there are cancer cases in immediate family members, the tumor markers are elevated when detected. High vigilance must be exercised in these three situations. It is worth reminding that, even if there are no symptoms and signs, regular review and follow-up is required to facilitate early detection of abnormalities. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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