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Vulvar "pimples" suspected of STDs

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Vulvar "pimples" suspected of STDs

Recently, on Xiaowen's private parts, on the left labia majora near the groin, a small "pimple" grew, round and itchy. I bought some anti-inflammatory medicine and washed it every day, but the "pimple" not only It didn't disappear, but it gradually grew. It was only about the size of a soybean before, and now it is almost the size of a peanut, and it hurts to touch. I was really worried. When I came to a private clinic, the "expert" took a look at it and said it was "condyloma flatus", a venereal disease, and told her that it was caused by syphilis. If the disease is serious, it will affect the whole body, and the whole body will grow like this. thing. Xiaowen was so frightened that she quickly called an "expert" to help her treat her. The "expert" gave her a few packets of traditional Chinese medicine, saying it was an ancestral secret recipe for the treatment of venereal diseases, and asked her to hang up. After a week of dripping, I took traditional Chinese medicine for a week, and spent more than 2,000 yuan. But a few days after stopping the medicine, the "acne" hurts again, and the pain is worse than before. When I was rinsing once, the "acne" seemed to be broken, and some white liquid flowed out, and the pain was slightly better, but the "acne" did not disappear, and white liquid flowed out every day. Xiaowen's psychological pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and she is afraid that she will have a venereal disease. Finally, she decides to die and become a living horse doctor. She goes to the gynecology department of the People's Hospital, and even hangs up the number of experts. After the inspection, it was found that it was a false alarm, not a sexually transmitted disease, but a sebaceous cyst. Sebaceous cysts are caused by poor drainage of the sebaceous glands, and sebum remains in the glands, forming a lump. If infected, it will cause pain, redness and swelling. The drip for Xiaowen in the clinic contained anti-inflammatory drugs, so it was effective at the time, but it did not solve the fundamental problem, and it would still recur after the efficacy of the drugs. Xiaowen's current condition is a sebaceous cyst with infection, and it has ruptured, but the rupture is very small, the pus inside is not flowing smoothly, and the inflammation cannot be controlled. At this time, a small operation is required to expand the ruptured opening so that the pus can flow out smoothly, and scrape off the pus moss inside. If Xiaowen goes to a regular hospital in time, if there is no infection or the infection is not serious, then a minor surgery to remove the cyst will do. In fact, as long as you keep yourself clean and have no unclean sex life, the chances of getting venereal diseases are very small. Several common vegetations in the vulva: 1. Sebaceous cyst: It can occur in areas with abundant sebaceous glands such as the face, shoulders, back and perineum. There may be no symptoms, or a little itching and discomfort, the size varies and varies greatly, the small is the size of a rice grain, the large is the size of an egg, the growth is very slow, most of them are single, the shape is round, the hardness is medium or elastic , the surface is smooth, and it feels connected to the surface but not stuck to the substrate when pushed, and there is no sense of fluctuation. When accompanied by infection, the volume increases rapidly, and local symptoms such as redness, pain, and fever may appear, and sometimes there are openings on the skin surface, from which white tofu-like contents can be squeezed out. 2. Pseudo-condyloma: It often occurs on the inner side of the female labia minora, and is characterized by normal mucosal color or pink clustered villi-like or caviar-like protrusions, densely distributed in sheets or strips and symmetrically distributed, with gritty touch, similar to Condyloma acuminatum, but it does not bleed to the touch, it needs to be identified by a doctor. The etiology may be a physiological abnormality, or it may be related to infection, such as Candida infection, urinary tract infection, and chronic vaginal discharge stimulation. Third, condyloma flatus: is a special papular syphilis rash. Occurs in sweaty areas around the anus, genitals, armpits, groin, interdigital folds, etc. It starts as a flat papule with moist surface, and then expands or merges into a flat or lobulated verrucous lesion with a wide base and no The pedicle is dark red, with erosion and exudation on the surface, and is highly infectious. Belongs to the category of sexually transmitted diseases. Fourth, condyloma acuminatum: a common sexually transmitted disease. In women, it can occur in the labia majora, vagina, urethra, cervix, groin, etc. At first, it is a small, soft, pale red, and slightly pointed vegetation, which gradually increases in size, and merges with each other to form various shapes. Erosion and exudation are likely to occur. In addition, genital herpes, chancroid, etc. can also be manifested as vulvar vegetations, which need to be identified by specialists. Therefore, if vulvar vegetations are found, you must go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment. (Book cards have been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view)

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