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Faced with the resumption of school, how to solve the anxiety of students?

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Faced with the resumption of school, how to solve the anxiety of students?

Faced with the resumption of school, how to solve the anxiety of students? In the past, when the new semester started, some students were reluctant to go to school. If they didn’t go to school for a long time, they might apply for suspension, which would affect the completion of their studies. In recent years, due to the epidemic situation, the school had to adopt online courses. , After a long time at home online classes, some children with poor self-control ability and poor will quality will expose problems, gradually become tired of learning, their learning status will get worse and worse, and their anxiety will become higher and higher. Especially those children who have been suspended from school, are ready to return to school, if they have not adjusted well, their anxiety will be even higher. They worry about whether they can understand, what teachers think, what their classmates think, and because they will be reorganized, they do not know how to integrate. new collective. The main reason is that there is no scientific adjustment during the suspension period. It may be taking medicine, even being hospitalized, or having psychological consultation. Obviously, taking medicine and being hospitalized did not solve the students’ concerns, and some psychological consultations are only superficial. Consolation did not solve these worries of students, so it is difficult to return to school. The key point to solve the difficulty of returning to school is to solve these worries of students through professional psychological counseling, and these worries are subconscious, that is, the students themselves cannot control it. It is a conditioned reflex. If this automatic thinking pattern is not resolved, no matter how long you stay at home, you will not succeed in returning to school. Even if students really want to go to school, they will not go in when they arrive at the school gate, or they will not be able to go to school for a few days. It's very common to feel uncomfortable and have to come back. Pity the hearts of parents all over the world, many parents want their children to recover quickly, return to school as soon as possible, travel to many big cities, and find a lot of experts, but the results are not ideal, the children are not getting better, and they are irritable when they mention study. I hope parents can find suitable psychological counseling as soon as possible Teacher, help your child return to school as soon as possible.

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