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How to solve the increasingly common problem of children's mobile phone addiction?

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How to solve the increasingly common problem of children's mobile phone addiction?

How to solve the increasingly common problem of children's mobile phone addiction? I read a passage written by a mother who said that her child was 15 years old. Last year, she insisted on a mobile phone and promised to study hard when she had a mobile phone. How could she imagine that, after having a mobile phone, the game time is getting longer and longer, and now it is basically impossible. After learning, I have the heart to say that I will die. There are a lot of people leaving messages below, some say they have children of the same style, and they don't know what to do, some ask why they buy a mobile phone for their children, some say some of their own methods, etc. Let's analyze it. I read a comic before, that is, people in the former Qing Dynasty were lying in bed smoking big cigarettes, and now people are lying in bed looking at their mobile phones. They are of different ages, but they all wear down their bodies and make people decadent. It is no wonder that many people talk about game discoloration. Drugs can be banned, and only a few rich people get it. Mobile phones are a trend of social development and cannot be stopped. Moreover, ordinary families can afford them. It is difficult to prevent children from playing games. Children's mobile phone addiction usually occurs after learning setbacks. Preventing children from being bored with learning can basically effectively prevent game addiction. The main factor for children to be disgusted with learning is their poor sense of responsibility and inability to endure hardship. Another is that they do not experience a sense of value, achievement and pleasure in learning. Children lack a sense of responsibility and have a poor spirit of enduring hardships. They are mainly spoiled since childhood, depriving their children of many opportunities to experience. Many parents have made great mistakes in this regard, especially children who are brought up from the next generation. There are many classes. The other is that they do not experience success in learning, they are all critics and accusations, resulting in learned helplessness. Some parents feel that their children are reluctant to work hard, but they ignore that once learned helplessness is formed, there is no Confidence does it. Back then, psychologists used dogs to do experiments. When dogs faced danger, they didn’t run away, and it was easy for children to withdraw from difficulties. Nowadays, the problem of being tired of school and mobile phone addiction is becoming more and more serious. In the final analysis, the core is the problem of family education. If we do not improve family education, improve the educational level of parents, and change some outdated educational concepts, the problem will not only be solved, but also It is getting more and more serious, and at the same time, there will be more and more such irresponsible children.

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