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Now many children suffer from depression. What is your opinion on this phenomenon?

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Now many children suffer from depression. What is your opinion on this phenomenon?

Nowadays, many children are suffering from depression. What do you think about this phenomenon?

There are more and more depression in adolescents, and the corresponding recovery rate is not high. It is of great significance to explore the pathogenesis of depression, study the treatment methods of depression, and prevent the occurrence of depression. When it comes to the reasons, there are different opinions, and each school has different opinions, but some say unscientific, unscientific theories, the corresponding methods are unscientific, and the results obtained are not ideal. Children's main pressure comes from studying. They say that the current study pressure is high, the curriculum is difficult, and it causes many depressions, but the problem is all facing such an environment. Why do some children have problems and some children are fine? Therefore, the root cause of depression is the personality of being sensitive, suspicious, insecure, afraid of failure and afraid to face. This kind of personality is not inherited, but caused by improper family education. Now there are many only children, and they are generally spoiled. If it is grandparents, grandparents and grandparents take care of the child, there is no bottom line, food and clothing are contracted out, and many children even The simplest things such as tying shoelaces and wrapping eggs have never been done. Children have no sense of responsibility, gratitude, and awe, can't bear hardships, have poor willpower, don't understand empathy, and are more selfish and willful. However, parents are afraid that their children will lose at the starting line, and staring at their children's achievements will not stimulate their children's interest in learning and cultivate their motivation to continue learning. For example, in such an environment, the child will form a character of being sensitive and inferior, insecure, afraid of failure, afraid to face, and escaping from trouble. After this kind of character is formed, when encountering setbacks, you will be anxious, deny yourself, and form depression. The key to treating depression is to scientifically understand the pathogenesis of depression and find efficient solutions. The key to preventing depression is to do a good job in family education, but many people don’t care. When children are young, they don’t learn relevant knowledge or pay attention to the law of children’s growth. When children have problems, they realize the seriousness, which is even more terrible. The thing is, some children are already very serious, and parents still think that the children are acting, character problems, or pretending to be sick, which makes the children's symptoms more and more serious.

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