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What is the secret to effective learning?

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What is the secret to effective learning?

What is the secret to effective learning? Many parents and students are very distressed and their grades are poor. They don’t know how to improve their grades. They look for methods and study habits everywhere, but many people don’t know that the secret to efficient study is not methods, but emotions. A boy, who has been outstanding since childhood, and his grades are among the best in his grade. At that time, it was estimated that he could be admitted to the experimental class of County No. 1 Middle School. It stands to reason that this child's habits and methods are all good, but something happened in the third year of junior high school. The grades have dropped significantly, the study is not in the state, and the previous methods and habits have disappeared? Just in the third year of junior high school, the county education bureau held an oral English competition for middle school students. The head teacher and the English teacher discussed allowing him to participate. He was also very happy, so he told his mother, and the mother said, don’t delay normal learning, the child is very happy to prepare, but the school The dean of the school had a relative who wanted to participate in the competition, so he replaced the child. The child's father knew the situation and reported the problem to the Education Bureau. The Education Bureau verified the truth and criticized the principal and the director, and the principal criticized the director and the teacher. , the teacher is unhappy, the child is worried about retaliation, anxious and afraid in class, unable to listen to the class, unable to remember, and the grades continue to decline. At this time, the main influence on the child is emotions, not methods. When anxious, especially those with high anxiety At times, any method habit will fail. This emotion is called conditioned aversion to learning, which means that if you want to learn and fail to progress, you will be anxious as soon as you study, and it is an anxiety that runs automatically. After understanding the situation with the child's parents, explain the principle to let the child know why he is irritable as soon as he learns. The principle and adjustment of cognition allow children to learn in a calm state and experience the original feeling of efficient learning. It doesn't take long for children to return to the original state of efficient learning.

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