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Can mental conditioning prevent chronic gastritis?

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Can mental conditioning prevent chronic gastritis?

How to prevent chronic gastritis through mental adjustment? Bad mood will not only cause temporary loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, indigestion, but if the mood has been in a state of depression and instability, it can also lead to chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases over time. disease. If a person is overtired, sad, sad, fearful, nervous, or mentally traumatized by other factors, the cerebral cortex can be affected, and the systemic condition will deteriorate and cause various diseases. There is ample evidence that the stomach and duodenum are the most sensitive organs to mental stimulation. The occurrence of diseases such as chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer is closely related to factors such as long-term mental stimulation and emotional instability. Experiments have shown that when excited, the gastric mucosa is congested, secretions increase, and gastric motility is strengthened; when depressed, the gastric mucosa is pale, secretions decrease, and gastric motility is weakened. Negative emotions are an important factor leading to the occurrence of chronic gastritis and affecting the recovery of patients with chronic gastritis. Paying attention to mental adjustment and maintaining a good mood is not only an important condition for the smooth recovery of chronic gastritis patients, but also a reliable method to prevent the occurrence of chronic gastritis. Try to get rid of negative emotions such as unnecessary troubles, maintain a good mood, strengthen cultural cultivation, and improve psychological quality and ideological realm. It is necessary to maintain a good mood to work with peace of mind, to advocate the overall situation, and to face reality correctly. We must be good at finding fun in work, change negative emotions into positive emotions, and make people feel comfortable all the time, which is not only beneficial to the society, but also beneficial to the physical and mental health of individuals and maintain normal digestive function, so as to prevent the occurrence of chronic gastritis and other diseases .

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