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Xinxiang City TCM talks about the causes of hair loss, types, constitution, etc.

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Xinxiang City TCM talks about the causes of hair loss, types, constitution, etc.

Hair loss is the abnormal loss of hair on the body surface! Hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, leg hair, beard and more. The clinical symptoms include alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, high hairline, thinning hair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, some sleeping hair loss, some shampooing hair loss, some combing hair hair loss,,,, and some acute hair loss, such as ghost shaving. Some chronic hair loss,,, Men, women and children can lose hair, women, children, young men are the most hair loss group,,,, the body is weak, many diseases, cosmetics, shampoo, drugs, food, tobacco and alcohol, staying up late, stress , malnutrition, etc. More specialized causes are bacteria, fungi, immunity, viruses, allergies, poisoning, endocrine, abnormalities, etc. . . . Skin problems, internal organs, blood, lymph, etc. will cause hair loss. There are malignant baldness and benign baldness in clinical, we must find out. . One of the hazards of baldness is that it affects beauty and beauty. The second is to affect the supreme confidence. This in turn affects study, social interaction, work, marriage, and more. In particular, it is necessary to look at the reasons in detail. It is more about the changes in the body. You cannot only pay attention to the changes in the epidermis and ignore the changes in the body. There are also some regrettable things that some patients cause big regrets just from a little problem, such as your comb, shampoo, , , abnormal baldness, seborrheic alopecia, hair loss due to yin deficiency, hair loss due to heat and humidity, etc. Commonly thought of,,,,

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