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Listen to me, learn these 8 points to reduce the recurrence rate of depression in half

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Listen to me, learn these 8 points to reduce the recurrence rate of depression in half

1. Listen to the doctor's advice and take the medicine.

If you are taking medicine, do not stop the medicine in the middle, let alone Change the medicine without permission, take the medicine regularly according to your doctor's instructions, and take a full course of treatment in sufficient amount. Don't be "smart" and think that the doctor is unreliable, dispense medicine for yourself, if you can see a doctor by reading a few articles, why do you need a doctor!

2. Pay attention to emotional and psychological changes

Especially when encountering anger, depression and sad things, remind yourself of my current situation This state is not very good. Allow yourself to be sad, but only for a short time. Once you are depressed for a few days, you should pay attention to it. If you will not adjust, you can ask a psychologist.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Stay up late, drink alcohol, smoke, and eat takeaway every day. Give up these bad habits. If you can't control it, then ask yourself to choose between depression and a healthy life? Reasonable nutrition, proper exercise to enhance body immunity, good sleep, full mental state, you will find that life is so beautiful!

4. Be an activist

Since we cannot escape some problems, try to solve them instead of always Procrastinate backwards, do not shy away from accumulating negative emotions. For those who don't like people and are not used to relationships, then stop dating, so what can you do?

5. Give yourself proper space

Don't make your life so stressful and don't make your life too full , "Greeding more than chewing" is enough to do one thing well. Arrange your work and life according to your physical condition.

6. Do not engage in work that is too stressful

People who have suffered from mental illnesses will have certain neurological problems Injured, it is very difficult to be like a normal person, and even after the treatment is healed, more attention is required. Try to avoid engaging in work that is too stressful, otherwise it will easily lead to relapse.

7. Appropriate exercise

Exercise does help a lot physically and mentally, but this does not mean that exercise is Healing. Therefore, we must look at this matter objectively, and when the condition is serious, professional treatment must be received. Exercise can be used as a means of rehabilitation.

8. Be optimistic and positive about life

Although each of us suffers from various misfortunes and traumas, But that doesn't mean that our lives will always be bleak. You are optimistic about life, and life will give you good things. Come on, everyone who works hard! Follow me, there are professional scales on the homepage for self-testing!

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