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Can depression be completely cured, and what changes will occur in personality after taking medication?

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Can depression be completely cured, and what changes will occur in personality after taking medication?

On June 29, 2022, the "2022 National Depression Blue Book" was released. There are several points in the survey report that are very important and deserve everyone's attention. ①The incidence of depression tends to be younger, and the prevalence of depression in adolescents is 15%-20%. In other words, one in every 5-6 children has depression. ②The prevalence rate of women is twice that of men, and nearly 40% of postpartum depression problems are ignored. Postpartum and menopause are the high incidence periods of depression in women. ③ Nearly 52% of patients do not consider psychotherapy because of high cost, but they are troubled by side effects when taking medication. There has always been a lot of controversy about the cause and treatment of depression. Some people say that depression is a psychological problem, mainly related to acquired experience and personality, and psychological treatment should be used; There is a problem that needs to be treated with medication. So where does depression come from? Which way is more appropriate? What happens to personality changes after treatment for depression?

Dedicated to work, elite sales manager suffers from depression

Mr. L is the sales leader of a listed company in Shandong, aged 32 Aged 8 years old, with a high EQ and a tactful life, he travels between companies, has a lot of entertainment and work pressure. Even when he is resting, he often keeps on the phone. When the performance pressure is high, he even has to stay up late until two or three o'clock in the morning. According to Mr. L's remarks, he can only breathe a little during the New Year's Day and not think about work and performance for the time being. Before going to bed every day, I feel exhausted, and after a long time, I feel that my body is more and more powerless. Sometimes I can't sleep in the middle of the night and stare at the dark sky outside the window to meditate. I feel that it is boring to work so hard. At first, he would use alcohol to numb himself to get a good night’s sleep. Later, drinking alcohol didn’t have much effect, so he took a small dose of sleeping pills, but later he felt that he had never been so tired and his performance was difficult to complete. After careful consideration, he resigned. Decided to see a doctor and was diagnosed with moderate depression. Why would a person who used to be "decisive" and full of energy in the workplace become depressed? After communication, we learned that Mr. L fought so hard because his girlfriend who had been in love for 4 years three years ago broke up with him because of money. This hit Mr. L very hard, and buried a thorn in his heart. Since then, he has devoted himself to work. Although he earns a lot of money, he still feels lonely in his life. completely crush him. After nearly a year of drug-assisted psychotherapy, Mr. L let go of his obsessions, changed his attitude towards work in the past, and no longer desperately "squeezed his body". The whole person has added a touch of peace to life. with calmness.

Workplace white-collar postpartum depression wants to commit suicide, overcome hardship with love

Ms. C is a workplace white-collar, beautiful and loves to dress up Very temperamental, she had the opportunity to compete for the executive position, but the unexpected pregnancy forced her to give up the promotion. Four or five months after the birth of the child, Ms. C suffered from postpartum depression, and often looked at the child in her arms and cried. She felt that the child affected her promotion, made her sloppy body image, and her life changed drastically. She sometimes wanted to hurt the child when she was emotional, but her reason told her not to, tormenting herself in emotional impulses and regrets and self-blame. When communicating with the psychologist, she said that she felt that she was not a good mother, sorry for her children, and that she was not a good wife. She felt that her life had no future, that she had lost opportunities for career advancement due to changes in her figure, and that everything was hopeless. But there is one thing, in the details, it can be found that she loves her husband very much and has a motivation to build her own family. Given that Ms. C is still breastfeeding, she mainly uses psychotherapy to help her change her identity, correctly view the role change, and stimulate her inner love and motivation to cope with the change in her life. After being induced by the counselor, Ms. B gradually learned to adjust herself to establish an attachment relationship with her child. In the past, she only paid attention to herself, pursued freedom, and her character was more casual and free. Now she has added gentleness, calmness, and tolerance, and the child is no longer a burden to herself, but the meaning of hope and home.

What happens to personality after depression is cured?

When people experience ups and downs in life, most of them will experience personality changes, and depression is like a tempering in life. People who are reborn in Nirvana will let go of their previous obsessions and become more transparent and positive. In the face of what happens in life, pay more attention to your own heart and be more willing to tolerate yourself and others. However, if the previous degree of depression has been very serious and has caused certain damage to cognition, even if the treatment is cured, it may cause some irreversible damage to language and thinking. Reduced expression, etc.

Can depression be cured completely?

Actually, there is still no standard to explain that if a test is done, it can be diagnosed as depression, or it can be concluded that depression is cured. The recovery of depression is mostly "clinical recovery", that is, the disappearance of depression symptoms and no recurrence within a certain period of time, the resolution of sleep problems, and the recovery of social functions. But depression has an obvious feature that it is easy to relapse. About 70% of patients will have the problem of repeated illness after stopping the drug. Therefore, research on depression still has a long way to go! For patients and their families, the most important thing is to keep in mind to pay more attention to mental and mental health, and to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after discovering a problem! ------Enen Psychological APP

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