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Why is it so easy for contemporary people to be depressed? Is it really related to the "Feng Shui Bureau"?

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Why is it so easy for contemporary people to be depressed? Is it really related to the "Feng Shui Bureau"?

According to the survey data in the "2022 National Depression Blue Book", about 62.36% of the surveyed users often feel depressed, accompanied by certain depression and physical symptoms. Moreover, combined with the data of recent years, the incidence of depression is developing towards a younger trend. According to the survey data of this Blue Book, the prevalence of depression in adolescents is 15%-20%, while in the overall group of depression patients Among them, school students accounted for half. The rapid increase in the incidence of depression has aroused widespread concern and discussion, especially about the causes and treatment methods of depression. Two days ago, when I was browsing the video, I saw a comment about depression: Netizen: Actually, depression is not a mental illness at all, it is directly related to feng shui and fantasy. This is not a superstition, but now Science has no way to explain it, especially those who seem crazy, they are likely to be able to perceive things that many ordinary people can't understand, and who can tell which is true or false. Below this comment, there are some "weird" things that netizens have heard of or happened around them, which cast a mysterious color on the cause of depression for a while. Is the reason why so many depressed people have something to do with the so-called "national fortune" and "feng shui bureau"? It is true that the technological development level of science and medicine is still very limited, and many things have not been thoroughly studied. This includes the specific causes of depression. But now it is clear that the causes of depression are mainly related to genetics, infection during pregnancy, abnormal brain structure development, surrounding environment, growth experience, etc., and the reason why a person is depressed is often the result of the combined effect of multiple factors . As for the use of some "home remedies" to treat depression, the current research is not very helpful, and combined with many cases that come to see a doctor, it will delay treatment and lead to more serious conditions, and the harm to the patient itself will also increase. . Therefore, I still want to remind my friends here that when they find that they have symptoms similar to depression, they should still go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Typical manifestations of depression:

1. The mood is persistently sad and unhappy, and there is no specific reason. 2. The language is reduced, and they do not like to talk. Some people will also have problems with language logic, which makes people incomprehensible. 3. The behavior is slow, the body is easily tired, do not want to move and have no strength, just want to lie down. 4. Decreased appetite or sudden increase in appetite, accompanied by changes in body weight. 5. Sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, waking up early, and sleeping too short. 6. Uneasy mood, nervousness and anxiety, difficulty concentrating, decreased concentration and thinking ability. 7. Feelings of guilt, inferiority, low self-worth, feeling like a useless person. The above symptoms are typical manifestations of depression. Due to the different circumstances of each person, the specific performance of each person will also be different. Therefore, if you suspect that you are prone to depression, but you are not sure, you can perform a scale test first. On my homepage, I share depression, anxiety and other professional scale tests for you, and you can take the test directly on Toutiao. Of course, if you have other questions, or want to know more about spiritual and psychological issues, you can leave me a message!

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