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What is the difference between autism and autism? Three misunderstandings about autism

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What is the difference between autism and autism? Three misunderstandings about autism

Many people can't distinguish autism and autism, thinking that they are two diseases. In fact, autism and autism are different names for a disease. Autism and autism are one disease, so there is no difference. Autism is caused by heredity, it may also be caused by abnormal brain structure or function, and it is also related to factors such as the environment. For example, if the mother smokes during pregnancy or is exposed to a bad environment during the development of the patient, it will induce autism. Autism is mainly characterized by abnormal emotions and behaviors, impulsive behaviors, emotional instability, and repetitive and stereotyped behaviors. In severe cases, normal language development will be affected, thereby affecting normal communication. Three misunderstandings about understanding autism Misunderstanding 1: Autistic patients are mentally ill. Although many autistic patients have mental retardation, they are not necessarily "mentally retarded". Experts say that it is not right to regard autism as a mentally ill person. In fact, children with autism need more understanding and acceptance from society, rather than being regarded as alien and excluded. Myth 2: Autistic people are geniuses Some people think that autisms are geniuses to some extent. It is true that some patients will have special talents. But in fact, 80%-90% of people with autism have intellectual problems. Still others mistakenly believe that autistic people are emotionless. In fact, they also have their own preferences, but there are difficulties in understanding and expressing them. Misunderstanding 3: There is no cure, so give up Although there are many treatments for autism, so far, only symptoms are relieved, and there are few cases of cure. Some people suggest that there is no cure, so give up. However, there are indeed many children who have become regulars in their lives after professional education and training, and are able to speak some words. Therefore, treatment should not be easily given up.

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