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Children with autism should eat more of these foods

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Children with autism should eat more of these foods

Autism is a relatively serious mental illness. It is common in children. Everyone knows that children with autism have a great impact on their physical and mental health. If a family has an autistic child, it is equal to heaven. It collapsed, so what foods should autistic children eat more? Here to tell you about. 1. Cereals The cereals we are talking about mainly refer to foods made from barley, rye and oats, excluding foods that we often eat such as rice and potatoes. 2. Foods containing amino acids and digestive enzymes Many diseases are directly derived from the imbalance of amino acid intake. Experts have found that children with autism have lower levels of glutamate in their blood, and supplementing an appropriate amount of glutamate can help these children. Eating more whole grains and green leafy vegetables on weekdays is good for physical and mental health. Leafy greens are alkaline and can neutralize excess acidity produced by sugar, meat, eggs and metabolism in the diet, and can remove toxins in the blood. Such as: radish, green vegetables, rapeseed, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.; coarse grains: sweet potato, potato, corn, mustard and other fruits: fruit juice (original juice), orange, glaze, sugar cane, green plum , apples, bananas, etc.; green vegetables: kelp, seaweed, black fungus, bean drum (including more b group)

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