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Essential in hot summer, 4 acupoints to prevent heat stroke

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Essential in hot summer, 4 acupoints to prevent heat stroke

The weather has entered a typical summer climate. In addition to the high temperature, it is even more sultry in the afternoon. This kind of weather is particularly prone to heat stroke and should pay more attention. In traditional Chinese medicine, heat stroke is divided into "yin heat" and "yang heat". Yin heat: Blowing air-conditioning for a long time, eating too much ice products, slightly feverish but no sweat, fatigue, headache, nausea and other cold-like symptoms. Yangshu: It usually occurs when the sun is exposed to the sun for a long time and is caused by the internal invasion of the heat. There will be symptoms such as body fever, dizziness, headache, limb weakness, thirst, and severe shortness of breath and unconsciousness. 4 major points to prevent heat stroke 1. Dazhui point: when bowing, the depression below the first bulge in the midline of the neck. 2. Fengchi Point: the depression next to the trapezius muscle on both sides of the back of the brain, about the level of the earlobe. 3. Neiguan Point: The midpoint of the horizontal lines on the wrist, 3 horizontal fingers upwards. 4. Hegu Point: The tiger's mouth is close together, located at the highest point of the muscle bulge.

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