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How to treat insomnia?

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How to treat insomnia?

How to treat insomnia? Sleep is the most primitive instinct of people, but many people can't sleep when they grow up. It is said that more than 300 million people in the country have sleep disorders. Regarding the causes of insomnia, Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different explanations, and even psychological explanations are varied. We believe that the culprit of insomnia is the 8-hour sleep concept, because many experts are emphasizing that people need to sleep for 8 hours, how long it takes The depth of sleep and the harm of insomnia have caused some people with more sensitive personalities to have anxiety about poor sleep, forming a conditioned reflex of anxiety when lying in bed. The core reason for insomnia is the fear of insomnia. The specific explanation is that people need to sleep for 8 hours. If they can’t sleep for 8 hours, they will get sick, get old, become ugly, lose hair, grow wrinkles, cannot study for exams, cannot work, and feel uncomfortable the next day. Once certain stress emergencies occur, which leads to poor sleep, insomnia may occur. Later, when I get to bed, I feel that I haven’t slept well before, so I want to go to sleep faster. A conditioned reflex is formed. If you see the reason, you can find a way. First, learn new sleep knowledge, including occasional insomnia that is not that serious, physiological sleep is meaningful, and then some examples of many people who don’t sleep much but are in good condition, such as some scientists, Celebrities don't get much sleep, and it doesn't affect intelligence or health in the slightest. If you can understand it, you can use the method of training to achieve the goal of being able to calm down in bed. As long as you can calm down, the probability of falling asleep is extremely high. This method can be said to fundamentally solve the problem and completely get rid of the drug. It takes a week for the fast, and it may take more than a month for the slow.

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