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The annoying mask acne disappears! Help improve with 3 small habits

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The annoying mask acne disappears! Help improve with 3 small habits

Obviously I don't usually have acne, why did I start wearing a mask and the acne kept coming? The main reason for the formation of mask acne is that the mask will suffocate the skin of the face. The fiber of the mask is relatively rough, and it is easy to irritate the skin under long-term friction. It may also cause allergies to the chemical raw materials of the mask itself. If you want to get rid of the annoying mask acne, in addition to changing the mask frequently, you can also help improve it by developing 3 small habits: 1. The main reason for the formation of acne on the face breathable mask is that the skin is stuffed by the humid and hot environment, so It is recommended to take off the mask every once in a while to allow the face to breathe, wipe the oil and moisture on the face with a tissue, and then put the mask back on. 2. Try not to wear makeup. It is recommended to wear a mask and try not to wear makeup, especially if the area covered by the mask is covered with a layer of makeup that is too moisturizing, it will increase the chance of acne. If you really need makeup, it is recommended to use powder. This type of product is less burdensome to the skin. 3. It is a good helper to solve pores and acne problems with acids. Acids can be added to the maintenance routine every night to help the skin's keratin metabolism. Acids are easy to cause irritation, so attention must be paid to the amount and time of use.


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