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Lazy cancer patients must enter! How much happiness have you lost over the years?

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Lazy cancer patients must enter! How much happiness have you lost over the years?

The three words that moved me the most: Bringing you delicious food, inviting you to eat delicious food, and taking you to delicious food are the driving force behind the glory of life. Today, let's talk about the happiness that those years of hard work brought us. Because I live in the dormitory, I always stock up on some convenient and fast food. What my roommate ate there didn’t expect to fall in love with immediately. It’s really delicious. The taste of Huaweifang is particularly sour and delicious. Comes with a different freshness. The noodle leaves are made by non-fried process, selecting new wheat with full particles, finely grinding into fine wheat flour, and then making it through the processes of adjusting, kneading, pressing, cutting, and baking. ! The bottled design is convenient and fast. When you want to eat, you only need a bowl of water, and you can enjoy a good dinner after waiting for 5 minutes. Weishan Lake Xiaoyang Aquatic Products - Spicy Snails (Silver Bag 200g) Anyone who likes it can buy a bag and try it first. I have bought many snails from many homes, only it is the only one that I have repurchased again and again. Spicy snail is a famous dish in Sichuan and belongs to Sichuan cuisine. This dish is spicy. The meat is crispy and crisp, with strong spicy flavor, long-lasting fragrance, and a long aftertaste. When the night market is open in summer, the indispensable among the many delicious snacks is the snail. The snail is rich in protein eggs, vitamins and essential amino acids and trace elements. It is a typical high-protein, low-fat, high-calcium natural animal health food. . Spicy fried snail, the snail meat is so delicious that the more you eat it, the more addictive it becomes. Good Taste Snack House--Do you miss the taste of rice after eating too much self-heating rice noodles? But don't want to order takeout? Then this high-quality and cheap self-heating rice will be a good choice. There are six flavors of self-heating rice in his home. They are: Double Pepper Fried Chicken, Taiwan Braised Pork, Fish-flavored Shredded Pork, Curry Chicken Nuggets, Mushroom Mushroom beef, bamboo shoot tip beef. Among them, the editor's favorite is the curry chicken nuggets, and the bamboo shoots beef babies should consider it as appropriate. Be careful when eating, be careful of burns! Ah Kuan Noodles Ah Kuan's red oil noodles are very popular. Note that their noodles are soaked in hot water instead of boiled, which is a blessing for lazy cancer patients. Babies who love spicy food can buy their red oil noodles with sour and spicy noodles, and those who can’t eat spicy can choose sesame sauce flavored ones. The editor’s favorite is the pepper and numb flavored ones, which I recommend to everyone here. Akuan Sweet Water Noodles Akuan Sweet Water Noodles is a new favorite noodle discovered this year. It is not very glutinous. Babies who don't like sweet food should pay attention to avoid lightning. The peanuts in the seasoning bag are his finishing touch. They are crispy and fragrant. Shuanghui rattan pepper flavored ham sausage Shuanghui rattan pepper flavored ham sausage is endorsed by Yang Zi, of course I bought him because I was conquered by his taste. When we are tired of eating garlic sausage and corn sausage, the appearance of rattan pepper-flavored ham sausage brings a different experience to our life. Different from the past ham sausage Shuanghui rattan pepper, the flavor is spicy, and the taste is very amazing? I bought the rattan pepper. I don't know how his pickled pepper tastes... Baijia Chenji powder mouse powder mouse is a well-known Northeast specialty, and this powder mouse is also my favorite one. This delicious food has been highly recognized by all the people in the dormitory of the editor, but it is not enough (crying). The reason why I recommend it at the end is because if you want to eat it, you still need a pot! One of the laziest cancer patients expressed great frustration. I hope that his family will release a bubble in the future, and it should sell very well. In the end, I will share with you the secret of my laziness: the editor said that I am very happy! No more dishwashing! Use it at home in the future, how convenient!


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