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If moles grow in these 2 positions, there may be a risk of cancer, adults and children should pay attention

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If moles grow in these 2 positions, there may be a risk of cancer, adults and children should pay attention

Almost everyone has moles of various sizes, and most moles are safe. For many people, moles on various parts of the body are also considered to be a symbol of good fortune. But you know what? Having a mole like this is very likely to be fatal. Uncle Li is 50 years old this year. He has always had a black mole on the palm of his hand. He has always considered it to be a fortunate mole. I also scalded this mole. Although it was simply bandaged, it sometimes rubbed off accidentally. When I went to the hospital to treat the wound, the doctor found the mole on Uncle Li's place, and suspected the possibility of a lesion, and arranged for an examination. As expected, the black mole was a precancerous lesion and needed to be surgically removed immediately. This made Uncle Li very surprised. How could Fu Mo be related to cancer? In fact, the so-called lucky mole is a melanoma, and if it is stimulated frequently, there will be a risk of malignant transformation. I'll make it clear to everyone today.

What is melanoma?

You can find moles of different sizes on everyone's body, but most of these moles will not change for many years, so don't worry too much, but in very rare cases, they will become malignant melanoma. . However, because malignant melanoma looks very similar to ordinary moles, patients are often misdiagnosed and mistreated, resulting in delayed treatment. The following will give you a summary, if the following changes occur in the mole, it is necessary to be alert to melanoma.

Black moles with these 5 changes may become cancerous

Variegated moles are often a sign of malignant lesions and are often mixed with brown or black moles in red, white or blue. Be especially vigilant when blue appears. Moles with uneven edges If the mole is not round, and the edges are uneven, and show jagged changes, this situation is also vigilant. Mole with rough surface If the surface of the mole does not feel smooth and feels rough, and there are scales or flaky scaling, sometimes there is exudation or blood oozing, etc., you should seek medical attention in time. Discoloration of the surrounding skin If you observe that the surrounding skin of the mole appears edema, or the original luster in the urban area turns white or gray, you should also pay attention to this situation and seek a doctor's diagnosis in time. Itchy, painful moles When the local area often feels itchy, burning or tender, and when the mole continues to develop into ulcerative lesions, it will also be accompanied by exudation, bleeding, and tingling or burning sensation will be more obvious. However, not all moles will develop lesions. Under normal circumstances, the following places are prone to occur.

2 places prone to melanoma

Acral sites, as the name suggests, are melanomas located at the ends of the extremities of the body. Occurs in the palms, heels, under the fingers (toes) and the nail bed, and is a very common type, accounting for about 50%. Mucosal site Mucosal site, that is, melanoma originating from the mucous membranes of the oral and nasal cavity, digestive tract, genitourinary tract, etc. It is the second largest type in my country, accounting for about 20%. Therefore, if there are black moles in the above two positions, you must pay more attention. If necessary, you can go to the hospital for medical treatment and ask the doctor for judgment. References: [1] Yousheng. What kind of moles may become cancerous [J]. New Countryside, 2020. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of pineapple pictures | Toutiao

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