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4 common "heart words" in patients with depression, don't think it's a joke

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4 common "heart words" in patients with depression, don't think it's a joke

Depression is one of the products of today's society. Its incidence in the field of mental and psychological diseases is equivalent to the probability of ordinary people getting a cold; and nearly 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Over time, the number of patients continued to increase. The onset of depression is usually invisible. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, self-denial, guilt, these negative energy words often appear in patients with depression, and depression can even make patients commit suicide. idea. Depressed patients often can't help but talk about these words. If their family members or friends have these mantras, they must pay more attention to them.

4 common words from the heart of depressed patients

"It's all my fault" Many depressed patients often struggle In some unimportant things, it may be just a small mistake caused by oneself, but it will always be magnified infinitely, and all the responsibility will be attributed to oneself, feeling that it is all their own fault, and then there will be a strong sense of self-blame , guilt, engulfing one's own heart. They are afraid of being blamed by others, and when others encounter something unsatisfactory, they think it is their own fault. I live very cautiously, and I am afraid that I will do something wrong, that I cannot integrate into the lives of others, and I am unwilling to let others participate in my life. One of the most common manifestations of depression patients is negative and pessimistic thinking, so more severe patients may have the idea of ​​"getting free from death", thinking that it is better to live than to die, and turn it into action. "boring" When a friend asks you to go on an outing, watching a movie, playing a game, etc., your first reaction is "boring", you are not interested at all, and you feel that it is better to stay at home, even if you were relatively uninterested in the past keen. Depressed people lose interest in things around them and feel that doing anything is useless and boring. Everything around is out of tune with him, and I don't know where to go, so I'm always bored alone and don't want to communicate with others. What happens outside has nothing to do with me, because I can't focus on anything at all. "I'm really useless" Depressed patients often feel that they are useless, that they can't do anything well, that they have no value at all, completely deny themselves, and often regard themselves as a burden and burden to others, especially when committing crimes. It feels even more pronounced when it's wrong. Everyone has a meaning to exist, but for people with depression, they can't find their own position, so they often say that I am useless. You can pay attention to whether you or the people around you have these feelings, especially those who are at high risk of depression. Depression, like other diseases in the world, also has a corresponding high incidence group. Who is more likely to suffer from depression? · People who have experienced adverse stressful events Studies have found that depression often occurs after stressful events, including but not limited to: bereavement, family discord, divorce, long-term work stress, interpersonal stress , being suppressed and impacted, unemployment, serious illness, accident, family financial difficulties, etc. These things can cause individuals to bear huge pressure in both physical and psychological aspects, but they must mobilize all potential to cope with it. After a long time, they will feel physically and mentally exhausted, unable to bear, and gradually appear various symptoms of depression. People who are prone to inner anxiety Anxiety is also a common factor in depression. If the patient is in a state of anxiety for a long time, the patient is prone to depression, the evaluation of himself will become very low, and there will be a sense of uselessness and worthlessness. . · People with poor marital status According to data surveys, people who have no intimate relationship or are divorced or separated are more likely to develop depression. Of course, unhappy married life, such as spouse's ridicule, accusation, yelling, cheating, domestic violence, cold violence and other hostile behaviors are also an important reason for a person's psychological depression. · Received poor educational methods Poor educational methods are also one of the main factors that induce depression, especially those children who lack emotional care and have a poor relationship with their parents since childhood, have a higher chance of developing depression. In addition, being overprotective, critical, controlling, and rejecting may increase the risk of depression. ·There is a close relationship between the "defective" personality and the occurrence of depression, including the pursuit of perfection, neuroticism, and lack of self-confidence. If you pursue a perfect character too much, if you fail to meet your expectations again and again, in the process, in the face of the blow of facts, you will have anxiety and a huge psychological gap. After a long time, you will easily lose your mental balance and suffer from depression. disease. ·Lack of social support system In simple terms, when a person encounters difficulties, lack of social or family support and help, and unable to bear it alone, resulting in anxiety and depression, and over time, it will increase depression risks of. The above-mentioned people with a high incidence of depression should pay attention to observe themselves more, and conduct self-tests for depression regularly, so as to find suspicious symptoms of depression and seek medical treatment in time. In recent years, there have been more and more news about depression and suicide, and our attitude towards depression and suicide patients is also gradually changing. The comments under the news, from a lot of incomprehension, accusations and even abuse in the past, are now almost one-sided understanding, Comfort and retention also shows the public's gradual understanding and tolerance of depression as a disease. Depression is not terrible, what is terrible is misunderstanding, discrimination, and abandonment of treatment.

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