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Depression is not treated, can you manage it yourself?

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Depression is not treated, can you manage it yourself?

There are several things that can happen if depression goes untreated.

Situation 1

People are inherently capable of self-healing, when your depressive symptoms are not severe and your The mentality is also relatively positive. After active exercise and self-regulation, the depression will be cured after a period of time. During this time, you do not feel discomfort, and the depression does not recur. If the above situation occurs, you can only say that you are really lucky, but the probability of this situation is very small. And the relief time of depression is also long or short, and many people can't wait for that time. And this situation is mostly just depression at work, not depression.

Scenario 2

You have experienced great pain with multiple episodes of depression, relying on your own strong will I struggled with depression and finally recovered from depression. But it's possible that your depression will come back after a while. I've seen a large percentage of people have a depressive episode-remission-depression episode that goes back and forth without treatment. In the end, it became more and more serious before going to a professional for treatment. As a result, because the number of attacks was too many, the treatment was more difficult, and only lifelong treatment was accepted. For many people, if the heart is not strong enough and the people around them are not able to give them a lot of help, it is difficult for them to get out of the state of severe depression.

Third Scenario

Many times we describe depression as a "cold of the mind", and sometimes depression can look like Like a cold, it will be fine by itself, but it may also cause a series of other complications, like a bad cold. If depression is not treated for a long time, the symptoms of depression will gradually deepen, and there may be intractable insomnia, headache and other autonomic disorder symptoms, and your concentration and thinking ability will decline rapidly, which will make you no longer normal. socializing or working, even making you lose the ability to take care of yourself, and so on. Over time, you may choose to end your pain by suicide because you cannot bear the psychological pressure brought about by depression. This potential harm is at the cost of your own life. May regret for life. If you know you have depression and do not go for treatment, you may miss the best time for treatment, and the difficulty of treatment will be increased after you miss it. Even if you insist that you can heal yourself, the process of self-healing is very uncomfortable, and the recurrence rate of depression is very high. Many people with depression die by suicide in the process, so it is recommended to keep the time of depression treatment as short as possible. If you have a problem with depression, seek professional help in a timely manner, receive treatment and cooperate with the treatment.

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