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Why do depressed patients self-harm, are they not afraid of pain?

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Why do depressed patients self-harm, are they not afraid of pain?

He scratched his arm with a knife, watched the blood seep out, slammed his nails into the flesh, leaving deep bloodstains, slammed his head against the wall, slapped himself wildly, and tugged at his hair... These things that ordinary people seem unimaginable, but people with depression have done many times in corners that others can't see. Why should people with depression do this? Do they feel no pain? - What kind of pain do people suffering from depression who self-harm stem from physical and mental pain? In the eyes of the depressive patients, they are very useless. They are the group of people who have been spurned by the world. They don't feel the meaning of life, or they are deeply remorseful and hate themselves every day. You will feel that you are incompetent, like a waste. You can't do anything well, and you will fail in everything you do. This kind of feeling is as if we are scolded by our leaders every day to go to work, we have no performance every month, and every day our parents say that we are useless and cannot rely on us, but in fact, the pain of depression is 10 times more serious than these. ,100 times. Difficult physical symptoms Depression is not only mentally tormented, but also has various physical symptoms: chest pain, difficulty breathing, and suffocation; constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort, and occasional tingling pain in various parts of the body for no reason; loss of appetite, continuous Can't eat for several days; insomnia, can't sleep all night, frequent nightmares... The bad physical symptoms make the already mentally tortured condition even more unbearable. No one pulls them. When a friend or family member tells you that he seems to be suffering from depression, do you have this feeling: Is he thinking too much and is mentally stressed? Have you been hit and stimulated by anything? How can there be such a disease? Is he following on blog because he is too lonely? ...All kinds of thoughts and questions will pop up in our brains, but there is no idea of ​​accompany him to see the doctor. No one was going to pull them, so they went to the extreme of self-harm. - Self-injury is a way to release mental torture. When your parents or others point at you and yell at you, do you get angry, or want to throw things and hit people? This is a normal response to emotions. When the outside world hits and stimulates us, most people will vent their emotions by fighting back. But many people with depression will choose to endure alone in silence in the face of external accusations and injuries. After all, people are not wood or stone, but a living person with flesh, flesh and feelings, who will feel pain. Because depressed patients are not good at venting their emotions to the outside world, the way of venting this emotional pain turns to self-mutilation and self-injury, venting their mental pain by hurting their bodies. This is essentially an abnormal approach to regulating emotions. 1. Self-punishment: Many depression patients generally have relatively high expectations for themselves, but once they fail to meet their expectations, they will have serious self-blame and self-guilt mentality. The less you identify with your actual self, the further away your idealized self becomes. At the same time, he will be more cruel to his own body, just like treating the body of an outsider. At the beginning, the patient often spends a lot of time "reforming himself", and this transformation includes almost all aspects of his inferiority complex, such as: because he does not have enough friends, he will try to make more friends; because he is not talkative enough, he will Desperately outgoing and lively; if he feels he is not successful enough, he will desperately pursue his desired success...Anything he hates needs to be changed, and anything he doesn't want to see needs to be hidden. The true self is too failed, too incompetent, too stupid, and too easy to be denied and rejected in his heart. These unease and denial have become their reasons for punishing themselves. 2. Resistance to dissociation Dissociation is when people face a lot of psychological pressure, they will make themselves numb and hope to ignore the pain. Many patients with depression will have this feeling and feel like a walking dead , lost the true sense of being alive. At this time, they will use self-mutilation to make themselves feel pain and resist the feeling of physical and mental numbness. 3. The function of using self-mutilation to resist suicide sounds strange at first glance, but it is actually reasonable. When the negative emotions accumulate to a certain extent, the self-injuring person may consider suicide; before attempting suicide, if some part of the negative emotions are alleviated by self-injury, they may stay away from suicide. Therefore, self-injury may be a self-help way for suicidal depressed patients to escape death. When depressed people find that self-injury can no longer relieve their pain, they may go to the most tragic choice - suicide. - Written at the end: Self-harm is an outburst of chronic mental torment and physical distress, and a silent cry for people with major depression. If you find people around you who are prone to self-harm, don't treat them as monsters.

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