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What kind of situation is suitable for psychological counseling?

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What kind of situation is suitable for psychological counseling?

What kind of situation is suitable for psychological counseling? I guess behind this question, what I really want to confirm is: is counseling helpful for my condition? Interestingly, in asking this question, we are already showing one of the elements that makes counseling work, and that is self-care. So how can counseling help someone who shows they care? I have several counseling experiences in my life, two of which may serve as footnotes to this question. My first consultation was in college. At that time, I was quite uncertain about the major I chose, and my heart was full of disappointment and powerlessness. The confusion in these majors gradually expanded to other aspects of life, and my daily life was also out of order. . After a mid-term exam, I was pretty sure that the semester was over, and at the same time, I was pretty sure I didn't want to go on like this anymore. So, with graduation as the goal, I went to make an appointment for counseling a few days later. During that session, the psychologist helped me realize the habits and limitations that were holding me back, and once again assessed the pros and cons of working hard to graduate, including: the effort I was willing to put in, the entertainment I had to sacrifice, and the difference in results. certainty. The psychologist led me to look at graduation in a clearer and more pragmatic way, and in the end, made me realize my commitment to myself in a more decisive manner. The other psychological consultation was after graduating from the graduate school. At that time, my life was still more or less troubled, but specifically, there were no immediate problems that needed to be solved. The main purpose of the consultation was to think To have a more comprehensive understanding of myself, I hope that this understanding can help me maintain a clearer consciousness at work, and of course, I also look forward to making my life better. Since there are no obvious goals to be implemented, during this session, each session will mostly begin with this week's life, or continue with previous themes. I was also initially concerned about whether this would make the psychologist think I was talking rambling, but interestingly, that concern became a topic of conversation later on. During that process, through feedback from psychologists, I gradually discovered some habits that were deeply rooted in my interactions but unaware. And the more aware I am, the less I am constrained by habits and reactions, and the more conscious I am able to respond. These two experiences, the former is a short-term consultation aimed at achieving goals; the other is a long-term consultation with a wide range of topics, or it can be said that growth is the ultimate goal, but no matter which one it is, Both helped me a lot at the time. Therefore, the situation of facing the decision of "whether to consult" may come from an external call, such as: encountering a huge change in life, so you need emotional catharsis, support, and someone to accompany you through this period. A difficult road; or facing the intersection of life, someone needs to accompany you to discuss various positive and negative opinions, and clarify the conscious and non-conscious implications of each choice. At the same time, the situation of this choice may also come from an inner call, a curiosity about ourselves, an expectation to understand ourselves better, or to deal with issues that recur in our lives. This type of counseling will use life as a thread, slowly peeling back to explore our inner self, trying to find the core of who we are as a person. In the process, the unresolved pain will inevitably hit our broken hearts from a tricky angle, but people always grow stronger in these discomforts. To be honest, it is difficult to have a standard answer for what kind of situation is suitable for consultation. After all, consultation has different approaches in long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. Perhaps those who are doing this thinking can consider the trade-off of consulting costs, which includes pragmatism, such as money and time, and feelings, such as mental effort and spirit. Generally speaking, we can evaluate the urgency of the distress and the affordable cost, and choose free, health insurance or self-paid consultation; and the mental and spiritual effort, or emotional turmoil, can be discussed with a psychologist after entering the consultation. . However, if the following symptoms appear, it is recommended to seek the assistance of psychological counseling as soon as possible: 1. Some concerns about your own feelings, and these feelings have become worse and worse in the past two weeks. 2. Trying to stop certain actions or feelings, but always failing. 3. It seems more and more difficult to cope with the difficulties in life than before. 4. Difficulty focusing on important things in life, such as: school, work, social, etc. 5. Feel the pain, and even hope to eliminate the pain by ending one's own life. In the other part, if we have sought help from the psychosomatic department, but we have more expectations for the improvement of symptoms, such as: under the symptoms of various emotions and anxiety, we hope that there are other self-help methods besides drugs, and we hope that the treatment effect can be improved. It lasts longer, hoping to prevent another recurrence. Over the years, studies have shown that the original drug treatment plus additional psychological counseling can bring such benefits. In general, if there are some great or persistent troubles in our life, there are some repeated habits, phenomena or patterns in our life, and we want to change, hope for further improvement of the current symptoms, or to There is curiosity and expectation for exploration and growth. I believe that with this caring and willingness to invest in myself, counseling will be a worthwhile and helpful option. The original text is from Professor Rong Xinqi's Hypnotic Psychology Studio. If you need to reprint, please obtain permission and indicate the source. If you have any questions, you can click on the avatar to send a private message.


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