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Depression is not what you think it is: positive thinking is not so easy for them

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Depression is not what you think it is: positive thinking is not so easy for them

Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, but suicides due to depression are also alarmingly high. If you only use "they have houses, cars, high incomes, no wars, and no troubles in life, why don't they think about the people in the war in Ukraine?" If you think about such simple logic, you may not only fail to understand them, but also deny their situation. . Because people with depression are not what you think they are. Many physical diseases can be understood, or at least understood, but mental diseases are more difficult, and the most difficult of them is depression. In addition to facing their own emotions, patients with depression must also accept external and self-questioning questions: "Why don't you think positively?" If positive thinking can change your mood like the inspirational psychology books say, then hundreds of treatments for depression will be effective. Anxiety will not be so popular. If the brain can "change the situation with the heart" as the inspirational novels say, as if changing the idea can change the feeling, then depression is not a disease. Professor Rong Xinqi, a psychologist, said: "The most misunderstood aspect of depression is that people think that they can use thinking to control emotions to treat depression, but depression is a disorder in which emotions are beyond the control of thinking. Use a physical disease as an analogy It's like: The patient has Reto's disease, and he blinks constantly. Others ask him to control his blinking all the time, as if he can control these voluntary muscles normally. But Reto's disease is a disorder of some voluntary muscles that cannot be controlled like normal people. Symptoms!" People tend to become addicted to drugs when they lack connections with others, but rarely become addicted to drugs when connections are normal. Relationships are more important than we have always realized. Depression is a symptom of a loss of meaningful connections with others, with the world, and with the world. For example, I don’t know the meaning of the design I’m working on now, I feel that the people around me have a weak connection with my life, and I feel that the existence of the world is just a needless possibility for people to bear more setbacks and suffering. For example, the most lonely thing is not when you need others, but no one is there, but when you don't even need others. No need for other people at all for social function. Because life does not need to help each other, it becomes farther and farther apart from others, and the intersection becomes less and less, and finally no longer needs others to play any role in one's life, and becomes a truly independent individual. So very lonely, because I don't need this world, but I live in this world. This is the social status quo of self-perceived depression patients. Struggling to live in a tangle with the world and with others is actually not that bad. Because when you go to an event to save a dollar and save face for your friends, you are actually strengthening your connection to the world. There are many scruples and concerns in making decisions or words and deeds, indicating that the relationship with the world is inextricably linked and inseparable. In fact, this is not a bad thing. Going back to the question for the depressed patient: "You have a house, a car, and a handsome man, why don't you think about the people in the war in Ukraine?" Depressed patients may ask you: "You are concerned about the disappearance of your savings, worry about women Friends are angry and need to try their best to win the approval of customers, why don’t you think that patients with depression can’t enjoy this trivial but real joy of survival?” The original text was originally written by Professor Rong Xinqi’s Hypnotic Psychology Studio. If you need to reprint, please obtain permission and indicate the source. . If you have any questions, you can click on the avatar to send a private message.

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