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Many people with depression are worried about the problem, an article tells you what to do?

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Many people with depression are worried about the problem, an article tells you what to do?

For patients with depression, it is a long road from depression to diagnosis to treatment. It is difficult for many depressed patients to take the step of treatment. There are many concerns.

I. Stigma

In the current society, people do not know enough about depression, and many patients are suffering from depression After the obstacle, they are firstly afraid, afraid that the people around them will discriminate against them after knowing their illness; and because the people around them do not understand depression, they will have a sense of distance from the patient with or without them. It caused great psychological pressure, making patients reluctant to seek medical treatment for fear of being labeled. In fact, mental illness is not worthy of shame for the patient. It is like a cold and a headache. Anyone can get sick. Shame cannot help you regain your health. Only active treatment can lead to a speedy recovery.

Second, I don’t think the depression is serious, I can adjust it by myself

Driven by a sense of stigma, many people It is possible to create the illusion that depression can be healed through simple self-regulation. In fact, the degree of depression needs to be evaluated by a professional psychiatrist to be determined. Severe depression cannot be recovered by self-regulation. Even mild depression needs to be adjusted in a professional way under the guidance of a doctor. Looking at it from another angle, even if it is mild, if you seek medical treatment as soon as possible, you will be able to cure it in the right way as soon as possible, and if you don’t follow the norms for a long time to self-regulate, what if the symptoms do not decrease but gain weight? Throw away the stigma, trust the doctor, and treat depression in the right way, so that you can get healthy as soon as possible and return to a normal life track.

III. Psychotherapy needs to tell doctors about their privacy

First of all, every practicing doctor needs to have basic professional ethics. The patient's right to privacy must be put first, as long as the patient feels that his privacy has been violated, the treatment can be terminated at any time. Psychiatrists will indeed guide patients to express their inner thoughts, or some things that cause their own depression, but it is up to the patients to say how much or not to say. Confidentiality is a basic professional quality.

Four. Treatment will produce dependence

At present, the treatment of depression includes drugs, psychological counseling and physical therapy, and some patients Worrying that taking medication will lead to dependence, or dependence on the counselor during the process of psychological counseling. These are actually excessive worries. At present, the side effects of new drugs for the treatment of depression are mostly gastrointestinal, and there is no drug dependence. On the other hand, the purpose of psychotherapy is to promote a dependent relationship between the patient and the therapist. In fact, the therapeutic relationship is collaborative. As treatment progresses, patients learn about ways to understand and feel better about themselves in therapy. Psychological counseling is to make patients more confident and believe that they have the ability to actively solve the problems encountered in their lives. This includes, but is not limited to, believing in one's ability to control emotions, solve problems, and make decisions. When you are confident enough, there is no need to rely on a psychiatrist.

Written at the end

Psychotherapy aims to restore self-confidence, increase positive emotions, reduce anxiety and depression, and enable patients to make independent decisions , ways to regain autonomy in life. If you have other concerns about depression treatment, please follow me and private message consultation. #focus on depression#depression#

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