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What are the manifestations of depression?

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What are the manifestations of depression?

1. Do you understand depression?

Wang Zijian, who was very popular with his talk show back then, in "I Am an Actor", blew himself up as a deep depression. For a long time, Wang Zijian was "contesting" with depression, but fortunately It was Wang Zijian who came out and said: His depression has been cured! Someone once described how they felt when they had depression: Some days are really hard, it's hard to even move, it's like there's a glass of water on the table, I'm thirsty, but I can't reach out. It is true that depression may not be a physical ailment, but a mental loss of vitality, but it is much more painful than a physical ailment!

Second, what symptoms do people with depression have?

The main clinical manifestations of depression include emotional symptoms, somatic symptoms and cognitive symptoms. The details are as follows: 1. Emotional symptoms: low mood, bad mood, inability to feel happy, loss of interest or even loss, inability to experience happiness, and even inexplicable sadness. Some patients also experience anxiety, pain, restlessness, walking back and forth, and confusion. Lin Daiyu in the film and television work "A Dream of Red Mansions" frowns all day long, sighs and sheds tears. In fact, she is a typical example. 2. Somatic symptoms: Somatic symptoms are not uncommon in many patients with depression. Common manifestations include sleep disorders, symptoms related to autonomic dysfunction, as well as eating disorders, decreased energy, and sexual dysfunction. Sleep disturbance is one of the most common somatic symptoms of depressive disorders, including difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, light sleep, dreaminess, and early awakening, usually more than 2 hours earlier than usual in the morning. There are also some patients who feel that their energy is declining. They often say that they are very tired and lacking energy. Even if they do nothing, they will feel very tired, which is also a typical physical symptom. 3. Cognitive symptoms: Many patients with depression describe themselves as slow thinking, that is, their brains are slow to respond, become stupid, inattentive, distracted, unable to do things, memory decline, think they are worthless, and have no confidence in the future , Feeling hopeless, even pessimistic and hopeless. Even some depressed patients often have negative suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Of course, not every patient will experience all of the above symptoms. But if you feel low and empty every day, worthless; lose interest in the things in life; feel tired, slow thinking, etc., and it lasts for more than 2 weeks, you may be in depression, then you must remember to go to Professional hospitals seek professional doctors for diagnosis and help.


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