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The truth about insomnia

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The truth about insomnia

One-third of a person's entire life journey is spent in sleep, but some people have serious sleep disorders. Do you know a few truths about insomnia? The clinical manifestations of insomnia mainly include: 1. Difficulty falling asleep (more than 30 minutes) Waking up 1-2 hours early5, decreased sleep quality and total sleep time (<6 hours)6, accompanied by daytime dysfunction When you have the above symptoms, you must take corrective measures in time. The following is about A few truths about insomnia you need to know!

I. Long-term use of sleeping pills?

The sleep brought by sleeping pills cannot replace the real natural sleep, and long-term use will lead to the risk of drug dependence and withdrawal. Moreover, sleeping pills are divided into different types. For different types of insomnia and different groups of people, the sleeping pills chosen are also different. Therefore, if you need to use sleeping pills, it is recommended to take them under the guidance of a doctor.

Second, 8 hours of sleep time?

Many people think that 8 hours of sleep is healthy sleep. In fact, this is not the case. The length of sleep depends on each person's sleep needs, not the longer the better. Generally speaking, the human body's need for sleep varies at different ages. For example, babies need more than seventeen hours of sleep a day, teenagers need more than nine hours of sleep, and adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. An hour is enough, about five hours for the elderly. However, there are still individual differences in sleep needs. As long as our sleep can ensure our normal social activities the next day, our energy, physical strength, and brain power are abundant, and it does not affect our study, work and life, which is healthy sleep.

Third, drinking alcohol before going to bed to help you sleep?

Many people believe that drinking a little wine before going to bed can help sleep, and use it as a means to treat insomnia. But this is not the case. Not only can drinking alcohol not fundamentally improve sleep quality, but it can easily lead to alcohol dependence. Over time, it is easy to damage the internal organs of the human body and cause emotional changes. Therefore, it is not recommended for insomnia patients to rely on alcohol to help sleep. Finally, I will talk about a few sleep tips: 1. Create a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment 2. Go to bed on time at night, it is recommended to go to sleep around 10:00, not later than 11:00 3. The nap time during the day should not be too long 4. Reduce browsing of electronic products before going to bed 5. Do some exercise. I hope you can read this article to correct your misconceptions about insomnia. If the sleep tips described above can't relieve insomnia, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time. I'm Dr. Pei, you can talk to me if you have any questions. Recommended articles in the past |: In one minute, test your depression level 10 major manifestations of depression What are the manifestations of depression? How can we self-regulate when we have depression? For a minute, test your anxiety level

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