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Afraid of liver damage? Understand and protect the liver from these three aspects

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Afraid of liver damage? Understand and protect the liver from these three aspects

Friends around me occasionally find that they have symptoms of blurred vision and easy fatigue. Anyone who has a concept of health care knows that this is a deficiency of the liver. So, what are the signs of liver damage, and how do we need to maintain the liver in daily life to avoid the spread of liver diseases? Then let's find out about it. 1. Some signs of liver damage, we need to pay attention to spider naevi and liver palms are more typical signs of danger. Spider nevus is a local telangiectasia, which is a bit like a mosquito bite and scratches. The difference is that the center of the spider nevus is raised. Compressing the center point can make the entire spider nevus disappear, and the spider nevus reappears after the pressure is relieved. The liver palm is a patient with hepatitis B cirrhosis. The palm of the thumb and the thumb, that is, the thenar border, appears flaky congestion or plate, which turns white after pressure is applied. In addition, sudden hematemesis or excretion of a large number of black stools, systemic edema, may also be due to liver disease. In the early stages of liver damage, people are prone to fatigue, dizziness, dull skin, and yellowing of the body. Also, when people's liver loses blood to a certain extent, inflexibility and stiffness of muscles and bones will occur, such as easy cramps and joint strain. Therefore, if the muscles and bones are inflexible and numb, it is necessary to properly consider the maintenance of the liver. There are more than 100 million hepatitis B virus carriers in my country, and these people are likely to develop liver cirrhosis, and they are all potential groups of liver cancer. In addition to strengthening their self-cultivation and taking medicine on time, hepatitis B patients should also choose to adjust their physical and mental work and living environment as much as possible. 2. Attention to diet Above we have described some symptoms of liver loss, let's talk about the diet that nourishes the liver. In terms of diet, we should reasonably supplement vitamins and proteins. Limit excessive salt intake. Avoid spicy diets. Like the computer family who often use their eyes, they can drink more mung bean water or wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and improving eyesight. Moderate coffee can also protect the liver. In addition to nourishing the liver through diet, some proprietary Chinese medicines can also help us relieve liver qi stagnation, such as: Shugan Zhitong Pills, Pinggan Shuluo Pills, Xiaoyao Pills, Baicaoxiang Jieyu Anshen Capsules, etc. Liver support is not suitable for exposure to moldy foods such as tobacco and alcohol, and it is taboo to promote obesity and the harm caused by tobacco and alcohol. 3. Regarding the transmission of liver infectious diseases, it should be noted that hepatitis B is not easily transmitted when eating together, and the main transmission routes are sexual transmission, mother-to-child transmission, and blood transmission. Keeping yourself clean and paying attention to wound protection is critical. It cannot be ignored that hepatitis A and Helicobacter pylori can be transmitted through shared meals and fecal-oral transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to washing hands before meals, washing hands after toileting, disinfecting tableware, and using public chopsticks. Including restaurant menus, due to the large number of people handling them, the disinfection is not thorough, which has made it easy to infect the hepatitis A virus. Hepatitis A virus can survive for one year at 60°C, and can be killed by heating it with boiling water at 100°C for 5 minutes. Therefore, the hot pot should be cooked for a while, otherwise it is easy to be infected with hepatitis A and even parasites. Including our usual drinking water, it is best to boil it and cool it naturally before drinking it. Some pregnant mothers with hepatitis B believe that pregnancy will infect their babies. In fact, regular screening and timely injection of immune proteins can block 90% of mother-to-child transmission. Secondly, it is necessary to follow the doctor's advice to avoid the rupture of capillaries caused by strenuous exercise and infiltration of the placenta. And pay attention to the baby's vaccination immediately after delivery. In short, the protection of the liver should be paid attention to every day. Let’s review the precautions for protecting the liver again, namely cutting off viral infections, refusing tobacco and alcohol, avoiding obesity, exercising moderately, not eating moldy food, and comprehensive nutrition. I hope more friends can protect their livers.

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